ASU win, by the numbers

Did not see this coming. ASU blowout, but here goes

1 BYU blew ASU off the boards, 51-32 with 18 offensive boards, ASU was THAT BAD.
with Atiki’s stupidity and Waterman leaving the bench, BYU is down 2 of their best rebounders. Good Job Atiki, this kid never learns

2 In case anyone missed it, with 33 secs left in the game, Akiti lost it after he was man handled to the ground by 4 ASU defenders so he punches ASU’s Watson in the back, then punches him in the mouth and kicks from a WMA position (on his back) and benches clear out, Pope has to restrain Atiki from kicking any more players. Personally I would suspend him til he takes an anger management class.
Both Waterman and Johnson came onto the floor so they may be suspended for all or part of the game tomorrow night.

3 BYU will defend your kneecaps off. This is NOT your old BYU leaky team. We held ASU to 20% for most of the game and they sure could not get to the board, granted, ASU is a hot mess but much of that is BYU relentless defense.

4 Three Points: This team has all the ear marks of that BYU team that was headed to the NCAAs when Covid hit…you know… that team that was loaded with 3 points shooters TJ Haws, Toolson, Seljaas, Barcello and Knell (yep, this is not a typo) Anchored by Yoeli Childs. We jacked up 31 threes tonight making 14. By contrast, ASU made 2-20

5 so if you rebound 20 less then your opponent and hit just 10% of your threes, you are going to be blown off the court.

6 Waterman was out of his head HOT- 24 pts and 7 rebounds in 25 minutes, both PBs. WOW!

7 BYU’s bench outscored ASU by 25-19 but only because Coach Hurley cashed in his starters early in the second when BYU jumped up to a 20 point lead.

8 BYU shoots the FT at over 80%, granted, BYU was will cool off at some point but we are in the top 10% nationally.

9 When you have Robinson (a starter) and Saunders coming off the bench most teams would see their production go down (from the bench), these two actually increase production and their defense is better then the starters.

10 That Ejection at the end of this game is going to haunt BYU vs. NC State I fear.

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I was listening to Greg Wrubell after the game. He read the section of the rule book about people coming off the bench for altercations. They are treated differently than the person actually throwing the punches. It is his belief that waterman will play tonight but atiki will be suspended.

In post game interview Pope said they will find out sometime this morning the status of those players. He mentioned some East Coast board needs to review the film and make a judgment.

I watched a little of the game, but what I saw was some pretty physical play that was allowed by the ref’s.

Fouse left in the first half because of cut over the eye made by an ASU player (perez) who then got knock to the floor by a moving screen from BYU (slow mo replay showed BYU player was still moving).

I have been in many competition where physical plays is going on so much that you get frustrated and “lose it” as you say.

I put the ejection squarely on the officials, it is their job to control the temperature of the game. They failed at that last nigh for both teams.

Good analysis except for the girly skirmish on the floor. Hardly anything. Open hand push to the face. Two-footed kick to back him off. Kicked no one else. Hit no one else. Wasn’t pulled down by 4 players. They were falling over themselves. The ASU players elbowed Atiki while on the ground. Looked stupid. Atiki pushes him in the back. The ASU player says something and Atiki open hands pushes his face. Weak.
The rule says the players coming off the bench who don’t fight will not be punished by not being able to play the next game. Waterman, Johnson and others were there to stop Atiki.

Nope, watched it. The game was over. Atiki just took issue and threw punches. The first to the back of ASU’s Watson was more of a push off, totally acceptable. the second a moment later was right to the face of a surprised Watson. Something I have seen Atiki do in the past when he feels he gets mauled. Not doubt 4 ASU players helped him down to the floor on his rebound but in no way was Watson attacking Atiki, just that they were tangled on the floor, no foul was called so everyone was headed up court when Atiki throws the first punch.

Atiki is reactive to this kind of stuff and every time it affects the team.

First a punch/push off to the back, totally understandable…followed by the punch to the face of a surprised Watson was closed fisted and intended to do damage. Pope got to Atiki and restrained the kicks or this thing would of got ugly in a heartbeat. But Hopper, argue away, that’s what you do best.

Eastern officials decide who gets suspended.

Watch it again. The first was Watson put his shoulder and elbow into Atiki while on the floor. Pretty clear. The hand opened as he struck. Still was unnecessary. Waterman should not get suspended tonight. He and Johnson were trying to stop Atiki.
Great game.

You watched the play, I watched the temperament of the entire game. Did you see the play Watson Atiki earlier when he was rebounding the ball?

In my experience when a fight starts, it just didn’t happen at the point of the fight. It happens over the course of time and what is allowed in the game. When you get a hothead like Atiki sometimes the timing is shorten.

That is why blame the officials, they lost control of the game.

ok you win. happy thanksgiving

this is not the 1st time Atiki has lost it and cost the team

BTW, after the game. Tom says to me, " to lose our inside defenders and Foos who is a O rebounding machine and beat a top 50 ranked team stacked with the biggest body in all of D1 says MTNS on who we are as a team."

I laugh…I just did not see BYU having the crappy season that the Big 12 said we would have.
I knew that Johnson, Foos, Knell, Saunders would be a great core. We had seen Robinson grow in the 2nd half of last year. Knew Hall would get his Mission rust off. That is a solid core that would win a LOT of games. Just can’t get over how much Waterman has changed as a player. Stud. Add Khalifa coming in, injured, and making the difference in last nights win.

Imagine what this team will be when Dawson is healthy and Adams gets his waver.

I think a lot of people did not think Pope could pull the team together after last season results, then adding a few new players (none of which are the “Star” players that people want).

I don’t follow basketball ball as closely, but Robinson, Stewart looked solid. Now we can only stop some of the players doing their “hairdo’s” :rofl:

What an assortment of “Do’s”.

BTW, the announcers were talking about BYU being ranked 13th in the BIG12, they said if they play the way that they did against ASU, that they would be closer to the top teams.

Stewart will find playing time limited because Hall has improved a lot. He makes some mistakes that gets him time on the pine with coach. He has the talent.