ATTENTION: Young first assistant coach announced

Here is the new assistant: Brandon Dunson!!

Former Stanford assistant Brandon Dunson to join Kevin Young’s BYU staff – Deseret News

Per Ben Criddle, Dallin Hall will be meeting with Coach Young tonight!

This may be a good sign that Young can convince Hall to stay.

Cross your fingers.

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Actually OK with Kalifa leaving. Opposing teams consulted with Penn and Teller and were figuring out the Egyptian Magicians tricks
Not nearly as effective las 6 or so games.
And his vertical is the same as mine - about 2 inches nowadays
I like him- he did well. Good luck to him
Saunders would be a big loss. Those types don’t come around too often. I predict he will not be as effective with BBN. Wish him well too. We need good representatives of the Church at all campuses- and easier at more southern colleges.
Hall leaving may hurt - just depends on what Young can get in portal.
I’m not sure he can compete as well at Duke / other high level programs - I predict he’d get about 9-10 minutes at those schools

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So? How did You g do with Hall?