Back to the drought

That was an interesting thread that migrated through hill and dale. I did not see many thoughts on ways of solving the problem. If I were king this is what I would do. Lets take Los Angelos. LA has this huge and long water way that is almost totally bare that extends the length of the city, or close to it. If you created a dam out of it, what would you have? I see a water supply but I also see a world famous and world renound water sports facility. That lake would be almost 50 miles long. Just think what you could do with it. Rowing competitions(world renound), Sail boating, Maybe yucky fishing. (Comments meant for those grey poupon folks) No power boats allowed. The potential is as long as a newly created Lake. Oh, by the way water cools the environment. In Utah, our brilliand politicians solve it by coming up with a slogan. "Slow the Flow’ is the answer, Politicians have a creed and that creed is NEVER, EVER LET A GOOD PROBLEM GO TO WASTE BY SOLUTION. The reason is, if a problem gets solved, they loose power. The world is begging for people who can lead and solve problems. If politicians won’t do it, fire them. I almost saw a comment in the first comment on droubt that showed that there was some thinking going on about droubt. It almost sounded shovel ready to me.

My understanding is that southern california currently lacks the infrastructure to capture their rain water and they lose 70% or so of rainfall that drains into the ocean. Most states can capture 70%, not lose 70%. They are messed up out there.

We have a recreational lake that supplies most of the water in the area where I live. That lake is the lowest it has ever been and we are told that it can supply the area for another year or so and then it will be inoperable or something like that.

10 years ago the federal government required the water district to build a 25 million dollar “fish ladder” so the supposed steelhead trout that were migrating upstream from the ocean 10 miles away would be able to subsist. In the past 10 years it is my understanding that a handful of these fish have been seen in the area. These are only claims but to prove it, about 20 fish were found in a small area of the creek that had “dried up” and they “died”. That made the cost of the fish ladder about 1 million per fish. The feds require water to be diverted away from the lake in order to supply enough flow for the fish when it rains.

All of this goes on while the lake(s) continues to dry up because of the severe drought in this area and the water consumption by people. We don’t water our lawn, let our pee sit in the toilet until the end of the day and take short, low flow showers. We rarely wash our cars but our governor moves forward on a billion dollar high speed train from San Fran to LA and does nothing to solve the water issue problems.

We are governed by idiots in this state.

On top of that I drove to Utah and back this past week and saw several billboards that claimed “pets are children too” and we should treat them as such. Between that nonsense and the billboards advertising “naked bed dances” at some strip club in Vegas and many other types of lurid, perverted things going on there I have nearly come to the conclusion that society is jumping into the handbasket on their way to hell.

It makes me sad actually…

I still can’t believe how many residents of california put up with all this, just for some decent weather and an occasions trip to the beach.

Like i have told you before, move inland, less tax, less people, more water, better quality of life, and like those of us from AZ, the beach is 4-5 hr drive away when you need to get away.

You have a spot at my fire any time bro.

We really have to choice. Everything is being mandated by the Federal Government (I believe). Nearly 50% of our water has to go out to sea just to help with the fish. We can only divert about 50% of the available water that gets used for agriculture and residents/businesses. Ag uses 80% of that 50%.

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