Basketball game tonight

We are leading but lazy turnovers. Dribbling into double teams. Should be up by 25.

Linderwood had 2 players that shoot lights out from 3. Childs and Burrel. Bugs me when we let them get wide open looks after they’ve burned us a couple of times. They hit 42% from 3land, LAZY D. In the WCC, that’s how you lose games!

Waterman was tonight’s MVP, made his usual 3s but he was aggressive on the boards and drove it to the hoop with authority. I want more, please!

Foos could of scored 40 if they feed him the ball. Worked hard for 5 minutes to start both halves, then everyone coasted.

Robinson took 4 threes, made 4 threes. Loves his corner shots.

Hall scored all of 4 points tonight, ho-hum unless you look at his eye popping 9 Assists. Thats our big 12 point right there.

Love Saunders. A plus on the hustle.

Rudi continues his hot streak. 5-6 and 3-3 from Three. He is making me a believer.

Wish Spenc Johnson were cleared to play. Gonna need him in WCC play ASAP

Well, some of those 3’s they shot were downtown 3’s. 30 feet out. No need to go that far out. And some with hands in their faces. D was lazy the first 10 minutes then got better. Fooss was dominating and named player of the game. Definitely Waterman’s best game of the year.

We really have to work on dribbling into traffic. Ball is way too high and away from the body to get stolen. Weber State game will tell us a lot more if we are ready for league because WS is getting better as well.

I’ll add to your comments:
We need guys to look to score from all over and not just hunt 3s. Rudi has started doing that in a BIG WAY and it explains his transformation. Hall had an uncontested layin last night and passed to the corner. Still SMH.

Hall 9 Asst and 0 TO. That’s a beautiful stat for a PG. Even against a completely overmatched opponent.

Saunders is a great defender and a wicked good rebounder for his size. Needs to stop fouling. Also finishes really well in traffic. HIs 3 point shot will come but I can see him being a STAR at BYU and I mean a big star.

SJ will be ready to play conference games.

I will add that Saunders went to the hoop A LOT last night. What a great guy to have coming off the bench. I agree we will see some big things from him.

He and others have to learn how to dribble in traffic. Shorten the dribble as they get it stolen too much.

Big Music to my ears. Everyone see that UVU beat Oregon at Oregon last night? I bring it up to point out that UVU is a pretty good program. S. Dakota is NOT and probably the catalyst for Pope bringing Rudi off the bench. Both Hall and Rudi are playing elite Bball since the change was made.

Saw that, also saw that Saunders had to cover their center on a few possessions. The Dude that came to play last night was Waterman. If we could see more of that, WCC play will be fun to watch.

I was looking at Pomeroy, He has BYU losing 9-16 WCC games??? A week ago, I would agree but after Creighton and Utah, I feel like we will be closer to winning 10 and 5 loses. about what we did last year.

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