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Missed on Ashworth, now Dawson becomes an important target
College Basketball Mixtapes on Instagram: “Dawson Baker is a 6’4 junior guard of UC Irvine who averaged 15.3 PPG, 3.2 RPG, and 1.2 APG this season. He’s a tough player who can score…”

this kid can fill it up, crafty, can create shots. A lot like Johnson

If we get him, BYU becomes the slowest P5 team in America. Hahahahaha, just kidding but not.
BYU would win a lot of games playing the Randy Bennett type slow ball with Aly Khalifa and Dawson.

Imagine a lineup of Foos, Aly, Johnson, Hall and Dawson? Show as tar but all deadly shooters
We need speed, one wicked fast point is all I ask

Marquette Keeyan Itejere
Marquette Transfer Keeyan Itejere Talks BYU Visit - Vanquish The Foe

Under the radar, 6’9, Elite Athleticism.

We got Dawson Baker

We have our replacements for Rudy and George in Aly and Baker. Robby McCombs hints that Pope still might go after one more person. However scholarships are full. Curious to see if this is our roster for next year or if somebody else is joining.

Should waterman scholarship be removed? He doesn’t play defense and on offense he doesn’t play anything inside the paint and just sit around to get a chance to shoot three pointers.

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I would be concerned if i was waterman, stewart, toolson, or knell. I don’t know how everyone gets playing time.

Interesting thoughts here.

If you are 6’11 and don’t have any inside presence, you are nothing but a long guard. I would certainly encourage Waterman to look around and maybe get on a team that will make him into a starter again.

of the four, I would think Stewart is safe. All have great arguments for being on the team but BYU really needs defense and speed from a guard standpoint because now we are solid at scoring and 3 point shooting.

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Still need another point guard and another big as well. We have to cover the injury bug.

Jake Wahlin, RM. One year away to get mission rust off.
Jake Wahlin Junior Year - Jake Wahlin highlights - Hudl

Can do it all. either hand
killer crossover, spin cycle
Gym Rat.
Remember this kid. gonna do big things

How newest signee Dawson Baker will fit with BYU basketball, Provo culture |

plus highlights

Dawson gives BYU that 3rd guy that can get to the rim (Hall, Johnson). Considering every guard in the BYU 12 can drive, BYU is looking closer to a big 12 team with Dawson. Still need speed, we will see.

is this the speed we need?
Samford Transfer Ques Glover Commits to BYU - Vanquish The Foe

That’s what was needed! I’d like to see another big man. Doesn’t need to be a starter type but can come in off the bench and replace injured players as well. We are deep at the 2 and 3 guards.

BYU basketball: Cougars add graduate transfer guard Ques Glover - Deseret News

BYU Basketball Adds Veteran Scorer Ques Glover - BYU Cougars on Sports Illustrated: News, Analysis, and More
Plus highlights

Hmmmmm. Chris Paul

Big 12 type athlete. Loves to drive to the hoop, loves contact, very good mid range shot. lightning quick. All of his highlights showed him creating shots, only one assist in 6 minutes of highlights, then I read, he averaged 4.4 assist/game. SOLD!

fresh out of scholarships unless some guys transfer. Question? NIL money does not care about scholarships? You can get as much of it as you like??

See. Built Bar covers BYU athlete school tuition. NIL is what the market for a player can get, sky is the limit. Do they even have to disclose?

Tanner Toolson appears to improve the team by leaving as his position is crowded and gives room for a scholarship to an inbound big…desperately needed but who? Matt Haarms is not waiting in the transfer portal this year.

Forward Jake Wahlin Commits to Utah Post Mission - Vanquish The Foe

pay attention to the section talking about Chandler Colln and Jake Waylen being very good friends that planned on rooming together at BYU

What impact will this have on Collin Chandler?

Collin and Jake are close. I was told before Collin left on his mission that he and Jake planned to room together at BYU. Collin is still a year away from returning home.

Utah wouldn’t have added Jake if they didn’t think he was good enough, but I also have no doubt they also added him to increase their chances of getting Collin once he returns home from his mission. Collin grew up in a Utah family and his family still goes to Utah football games. They were considered the favorites for months until BYU was able to reel him in.

Collin’s family may support Utah football now, but they have always supported Utah football. And he still chose BYU. The things BYU has going in its favor haven’t changed, and may be even stronger now. Collin committed to BYU because 1) BYU will play in the Big 12, the best basketball conference in the country and with fanbases that actually support hoops, 2) BYU had one of the best basketball fanbases in the WCC, and 3) Mark Pope.

The Pac-12 had USC and UCLA when Utah recruited Collin. Those two programs will be in the Big 10 when Collin returns home. Arizona is the only school in the Pac-10 that consistently supports hoops.

For fan support, Utah has had the top of the Huntsman Center curtained off for years now. When Collin went to BYU’s Midnight Madness on his official visit, he was blown away by the fan support. Utah basketball hasn’t come close to matching that in years, and BYU will take it up a level in the Big 12.

And Mark Pope. As long as Pope is at BYU, I believe Collin sticks around. Pope was the key to BYU getting Collin. Collin and his parents have known about Jake’s decision to go to Utah for months. Sources tell me that BYU coaches talked with Collin and his family about Jake’s decision, and they reiterated their support to BYU. It may be small, but Collin’s mom commented on Isaac Davis’ commitment post when he committed with BYU support — this was after they all knew Jake wasn’t coming to BYU.

BYU’s coaching staff talks to Collin and his family regularly. They know they CANNOT lose Collin Chandler. This won’t be over until Collin is actually at BYU, but I’m confident he remains a BYU Cougar as long as Mark Pope is at BYU.

2024 Recruiting

Losing Jake Wahlin may not mean much if BYU can clean up in the 2024 class. BYU has already landed Isaac Davis and is in heavy pursuit of Brody Kozlowski and Malick Diallo. All those players are 4-star prospects. If BYU lands all three and none go on missions, which I don’t expect as of now to happen, that is three young front court players on your team next year. A transfer can bridge the gap this season, and those three young guys can fill the young front court void by not having Wahlin. Even if BYU just gets Brody and Isaac, that helps offset the impact of losing Jake. Wahlin is probably realistically a year away from really contributing in a Power Conference, so having an experienced transfer fill the gap this year and then getting some of the 2024 guys next year mitigate losing Wahlin.

I wish Jake nothing but the best. I have no doubt he’ll have a good college career, and who knows how things will be in 1, 2, 3, or however many years from now with the transfer portal