Basketball odds and ends, mika should stay

1st off, Steve Fisher retires

Humble man in the mold of a Lavell. He is a HofFamer and a class act in my book.

Mika should stay…

Zags are ripe for the picking. St Marys knows it…Zags loss Goss, Karno, Collins and sharp shooter Mathews. Mika stays and BYU has a very reel chance of upsetting the cart all the while guaranteeing Mika would be a lotto pick. Beats the heck out of 2nd round money and obscurity. Now if we could figure out a way to slow down Hermanson, we got this. Rahon and Pineau gone. come on, let’s make this happen.

go cougs

You know things in a program are bad when the way to improve is by hoping your competition graduates and or goes to the NBA. The fact of the matter is that BYU has to make changes in their defense, offense and player accountability if they are going to improve and compete on a level that will take them into the NCAAs. Having a deep bench is going to take Rose out of his comfort zone, but if he doesn’t do a better job of developing one, he won’t coach much longer at BYU.

Mark Few knows how to re-load as well as anyone but he’s in uncharted waters having to deal with a one-and-done player. He has prided himself on the ability to pick players and develop them over four years. Now that he’s getting elite talent, he going to have to adjust his strategy to deal with the one-and-done players. I hope you are right and Mika comes back to BYU. But, knowing what Few has built in Gonzaga, I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t have another strong team come Fall.

why all the doom and gloom, hawk? Yes, we agree that Rose does not develop the bench to our liking but BYU just got a pre season top 25 ranking and has a nice core of players with or without Mika. I think TJ will be special. If Popoola comes, BYU would be a Dance team.

Wasn’t today the NLI for bball?

It was yesterday 4/11/2017. Nothing said who signed to BYU.

Do we take that to mean Poopula is not coming?

Hey, no one wants their last name to start “Poop.” Christian’s last name is “PoPoola.”

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Maybe it’s better if he doesn’t come. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one to butcher his name. Thanks for the correction.

After a great run in the NCAA tournament Few will have a number of players considering playing for Coach Few. He has an excellent eye for talent and reloading a team year and year!

I have been a bit negative on the BB program the last couple of years because I think they are full of holes in their recruiting, team development, and in court accountability. Jim and I tend to see the same things in the program. Hopefully we are starting to see that the administration and Rose are starting a reset. I would never let a freshman go on this team. To much change occurs after that freshman year. Some dead wood had to be pruned each year though. Aytes, Corbin etc …I am hesitant to let Guinn and Beo go. I am also not buying into Zac’s worth as a full time player with our current crop of players. Zac is not able to creat his own shot and Kyle C really helped him as did Fisher. Zac isn’t a great defender so that is like adding fuel to the fire. Will Emery and TJ pass the ball to an open Zac? I don’t think so… Without some in their face coaching… Which is needed. The whole program needs to go through some serious self evaluation. Zac is a great shooter but remember, he was just discovered after there appeared to be no other options 2 years ago. He was just sitting on the bench until the Colorado game when Rose threw his hands up in frustration and put him in the game. Another in a long line of bench development issues with Rose. So I hope they can turn it around, but I am not converting until u see it on the court.

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FYI, I think the FB program is being handled great. Players play regardless of their age and there is a can do attitude in regards to recruiting. I am in 100,% support of that program.

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I think I’ve said all I need to in multiple other posts on different threads.

Thawk is right, we usually see things pretty much the same way.

I hope that there is a willingness to change within the program and I hope it is for the better. I don’t care much about final four runs but a wcc title or tournament championship would be nice for starters. It is possible, but things need to change for it to happen.

Your credibility along with that of thawk went way up this season. You talked about the weak recruiting effort by the staff. In the end, we had a lot of injuries but the poor depth on the bench was a sign of weak recruiting. BYU should be casting a wide net (see the football staff). As coaches near retirement, they often put less effort on the recruiting trail. Rose has had health issues so it was important for him to have assistants who were great recruiters. I think they have not come through for him. Let’s see who Rose gets as an assistant. Can BYU pony up the money for an experienced assistant with great recruiting contacts? We’ll see.

I have gone on record that I think Mika will be back because he is will not be taken in the 1st round. This coming year will be huge. Rose will either perform as a coach or not. If not, I think he will be gone at the end of it. With Mika back there will be no excuses. I want Emery, Haws and the whole host of characters back…With the incoming kids and missionaries back, There should be markedly better play and production.

I see and understand a lot. I know it sometimes comes across in a negative way but it isn’t because I don’t want BYU to be successful. Quite the contrary… I want them to be the best. I think Rose had this misfound idea that the LP3 would dominate once they got back together. He even brought in their old high school coach in anticipation of the big reunion. I was hopeful at best but saw, as the season progressed, that he had lost most of the rest of the team. Players left before the season even started because they were told it wasn’t in their future and many this season were presented with the rude awakening that they wouldn’t be contributing much even if they were on the floor.

Whether other teams have players leaving or not is irrelevant. We are talking about this team and looking for the reasons why they underperformed and players are leaving. Unless you take on a cheerleading role like Dastrup, you won’t be breaking much of a sweat with the LP3, their former coach and a head coach who thinks they will take him to the promised land, doing everything.

It’s the basketball culture and dynamic of the team.

Have to agree to disagree on that one…that Div1 bball culture is changing (massive amounts of tranfers) is something that Rose needs to address.
The best way to address it is of course is to start winning…the way he expects and the way he used to get his players and coaches to expect and to live up to…
He has not gotten his players or coaches to live up to his expectations…so he needs to change…a fact he seems to recognize.