Basketball programs at BYU and in Utah

We all know BYU had another disappointing season and while early season wins vs. the in state teams were nice, it didn’t translate into success toward the end of the season when it mattered.

Overall I would say Utah St. (ncaa tourney invite) and UVU (CBI invite and win) with 25+ wins were more successful. Funny that both teams are loaded with returned missionaries, local talent and even some transfers from, teammates of and relatives of, current and former BYU players. It appears that the LAZY RECRUITING applies not only to the national and international venues, but also right in BYU’s backyard.

The staff simply did a poor job of putting a team together… one that would compete and improve over the course of the season. This has led to a downturn in every season over the past 5 or 6, culminating in the current season that led to no post season tournament invites and a complete meltdown in the quarterfinal/first game of the wcc tournament.

I am not sure that your assessment of Utah Basketball is accurate…
Of the 12 players on the team this year, 8 were freshman, they lost 1 player because of medical issues has decided to hang it up (Rydalch), several players either graduated or transferred.
Of the players on the roster, there is 3 from Utah, 1 from Idaho (which is your beef, personally I do not care where they come from as long as they can play).
Coach K is a hard man to play for, he expects “Best” effort all 48 minutes…
Yes, Utah has not made the dance in 3 yrs. ButI believe in another year or so, this current team will be in the tourney soon.
The other problem now a days that seems to not have happened as much before is the attitude of the players expecting to start and not have to earn their time, so they transfer.

For BYU, I have begun to wonder if Rose has lost his competitive edge, ever since his cancer issues, he just seems to be not as intense or focused as he was prior. Now I will admit this is personal observation and could totally be off base.

because of that lack of intensity I think Rose does not demand enough from his players nor make them accountable. I do not think he sells BYU as a place to be like Kalani and Mendenhall does/did.

Again these are personal observations and I could be totally wrong.

Ummm…CBI is not an invitational tournament. Schools pay to participate. In the range of $50,000. BYU decided not to pay to play. It is a good decision.

CBI stands for College Basketball Invitational. Invitational means you are invited to play. The notion that a team “pays” to play in the tournament is a misconstrued one on your part. Teams contribute a portion of the revenue they get and anything they bring in above that specified amount is profit.

Do some research before you make a statement. It will help you to repair your irreparable reputation.

Yes it is accurate because I was talking about UTAH STATE. The subject of the thread was referencing the programs at BYU and IN Utah, meaning UVU, Utah State, Weber State, Utah, Southern Utah, etc. I mentioned Utah State and UVU because they played in post season tournaments.

I am confident that if BYU had chosen to play in and host a CBI game they would have made some money on the deal. If they get 5,000 fans at $10 a ticket they would easily cover the “cost” to host a first round game.

I can understand the misunderstandings on occasion and I am not criticizing you Floyd because your misunderstandings are always genuine and you accept clarification and explanations. Grasshopper, on the other hand, misunderstands more often than not and NEVER listens to clarification/explanations, etc.

You’re still going to get caught paying $35,000 - $75,000. They are assuming there will be a profit.
So, would you have been interested in BYU playing in one of those?
What I would like to see is the NIT go to 64 teams.

Did you look at the link I provided? I think you are mistaken. The CBI only wants those amounts if the home team brings in those amounts. The only fixed cost would be the $2000 or so for management and costs associated with the game.

I haven’t been real interested in many of the games BYU has played in lately, so probably not.

We would get stuck with the costs.

Rose has lost hos mojo. The team has gone down for the past five years. I agree with you, Rose doesn’t know how to motivate or discipline a team. He should retire.

What do think Jim???/

Sorry, didn’t catch that… maybe it was because there is a lot of talk on the radio about both the Utah and BYU being down this year.

I think the program needs a fresh start. I think Rose was a good coach but he had lost it and the program was headed in the wrong direction. His way of doing things wasn’t working anymore and he couldn’t figure out a way to change. I wonder if his pet player Luke W. will still be a graduate assistant next season?

Lastly, I still think Grasshopper has no idea what he is talking about most of the time.

What if his cancer is back? Will you guys be all happy? Let’s wait and see and hope he’s healthy. If he’s simply stepping down then we will see. Maybe he will just announce that this coming season will be his last season. I just have a hard time supporting those who rejoice on the misfortunes of others.

Are you freaking serious? What a ridiculous comment… so far off base it isn’t funny. Nobody is “happy”, why are you suggesting that?

Like I said, I don’t think you have any idea what you are talking about most of the time.

Rose was a great coach who did so much for the BYU basketball program. There is no question that his legacy will be established with time. In its’ current state, the program is not healthy but it is all relative. He raised expectations because of what he did for crying out loud!

Another ridiculous comment. Please tell us all who is “rejoicing” and what “misfortune” you are talking about. This isn’t a misfortune. This is the right thing to do for him and the program. He is well to do, he is in a good situation, he accomplished more than 95% of college coaches will ever do. This isn’t any of the things you are claiming and nobody is rejoicing. Dave Rose will be fine. The stress and pressure will be gone. He can retire and spend time with his family, He will be remembered as probably the best coach ever at BYU. He will be able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants and however he wants. How many of us can say the same?

Misfortune?.. what a joke.

Oh, now you praise Rose. For years you trashed him for his recruiting and game strategy and decisions. Now you take credit for his great career? That’s ridiculous.

Will you please think about what you are writing before you do it?

You need to take a class on comprehension and meaning of words. Your understanding of the english language is less than adequate. I am not saying anything that I haven’t said in the past.

He was a very good coach, but his methods and effort have been lacking as of late. It was time for a change. So there, I said it again. You won’t get it but whatever. He will be fine so don’t keep yourself up at night worrying about it.