Basketball season starts tonight

The team has their first legit game tonight. Anyone care?

I do. I’m ready for some wins against some good, maybe some great teams. Any more on (can’t remember name) player they are waiting on a decision if can play? Is there a deadline on the NCAA to make decision?

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Marcus Adams is who you are asking about. No word on timeline and the NCAA has no deadline. They could wait half the season, then approve him, and make him waste half a year of eligibility just for fun. The NCAA is no friend of BYU so I would be surprised if he gets the waiver anyway.

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Thank you. Must be nice to control all the levers. NCAA is a dinosaur and a giant asteroid is coming soon!

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The NCAA is literally as corrupt as a 3rd world dictatorship. The courts exposed them as absolute frauds calling D1 basketball and football players “amateurs” when thousands of players were being paid as far back as the 40’s and 50’s. Losing the pay-to-play battle just embitters the NCAA and they will randomly punish schools to prove who’s boss. Look no further than the recent FBI sham and eligibility mess with the UNC WR. I know some of what went into BYU’s argument why Marcus should have his waiver approved, yet have no faith that BYU and Marcus will be treated fairly. Hope I’m wrong.


Picked to win by 30. Up 38 at halftime. Next games won’t be so easy.