Basketball Team Rotations Going Forward

Ok…This is an interesting puzzle.

Here are the pieces:
I bold anyone I think must be in the rotation. I also note the potential 3 point threats and better statistical defenders or the potential.


  • Nick 3 D
  • TJ 3 D (strange but true)
  • Jashire 3? D
  • Cannon 3


  • Ry 3 D
  • Harding 3 D F
  • Baxter 3 D F
  • Troy 3 I reserve judgement…maybe one of the last guys
  • Zac 3 ??? D with a caveat (for the love of the game can we please quit with the pretense that he can play a small ball 4?) He’s a long 2


  • Yo 3 D
  • Lee ???F
  • Luke HA!
  • Andrus ???
  • Shaw GAG!!! Why is he still here? He gave us 1 minute and 1 foul last year
  • Nixon 3 D (in specific situations)

So here are some problems I see:

  • No center worth playing that you could realistically call a center. Yo is a 3/4, Lee looks like he needs development time, but could play backup. Andrus could play a stretch 4 but I don’t think he’s a center. Shaw is a Dumpster fire and I’m furious that he’s still on the team and Dastrup is gone. Nixon is a great 4. We’re going to struggle against athletic or large 5’s. The wildcard here is Andrus/Lee. If either of those guys turn into something, that changes everything. Especially Andrus shooting threes. If Luke shoots threes all of a sudden…
  • Rose tends to play favorites. I think we might have something with the combination of Ry, Harding, and Baxter. But those are not typical hero ball guys that Rose tends to like at the wing position. I think we’re in a weird position because we might have an advantage in playing with 3 wings on the floor and a tall PG like TJ and Yo. But I’m afraid we’re going to see a lot of lineups with 2 or 3 of nick/tj/Jashire. All talented players, but we might be better served with size/defense/rebounding on the floor.
  • Where are Nick and Zac mentally? I have concerns…
  • Who is really the PG in the last 5 minutes?
  • Can we please box out now? That’s just fundamentals

Potential Main lineup: TJ, Zac, Ry, Baxter, Yo
Likely lineup: TJ, Nick, Zac, Yo, Luke
Large: TJ, Ry, yo, Baxter, Andrus
Switchy: Zac, Ry, Harding, Baxter, Yo

PG: TJ 25, Jashire 10, Nick 5
SG: Zac 10, Cannon 10, Nick 10, Harding 10
SF: Ry 10, Harding 5, Baxter 5, Zac 5, Yo 5,
PF: Yo 15, Baxter 10, Nixon 10, Andrus 5
C: Yo 5, Luke 10, Nixon 10, lee 5, Andrus 10

This would keep everyone under 25 minutes pg protecting our talent and legs and simultaneously develops the new guys. I think it would help us shift away from hero ball.

Losing Dastrup hurts the 5 a lot.

I too think he was miss used and I don’t blame him for leaving . WY Cowboy

I agree with you WTCOWBOY. I think that the BYU HC is over the hill. Maybe he needs to transfer to another school, or retire.

Yet, Childs returns. Must not be over the hill that much.

Love your break down. Rose however is a creature of habit. He loves his veterans.

TJ and Emery will be the starters at guard. Zac is a 3rd year player so he in a starter. Yo is our rock so he is a starter. And Worthington…I will swallow my vomit…is a starter.
Who should be the starters? certainly not Worthington, Nixon would be my choice…Zac? nope, Bergeson would be my choice.

Minutes? Rose has a history of playing stars too long. TJ and Yo will be 30 plus guys all year long, maybe 35 minutes. Would I do that? Nope, I would have a nice rotation of 8-9 guys who all play like starters and I would use Hardnett, Nixon, Bergeson and Baxter to round out the rotation. Shaw, Lee and Andrus for teams that have centers and Cannon when guys get in foul trouble.

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I think I agree…ugh

Luke’s got heart, but he also has a ceiling. Dastrup would have blown the ceiling off. Naturally we bench him.