Basketball tonight vs. SDSU

It’s been a physical first half with BYU doing well. At the end of the 1st half, SD stepped up the pressure. In the 2nd half, BYU has to move more and set better screens. We need to stay in front of SD players on defense better.

first half has been a fun watch! Lots of hustle. Robinson doing well. A couple of threes but Spencer Johnson a little wild. Fouss is a tough match-up for SDS
Really enjoying watchig this team so far!

Making bad passes now. Need to suck it up and pay harder. Hall is still out of shape

Yep. SDU really ratched up hustle - BYU lazy turnovers

I don’t understand these offenses. No pass and screen away at all. We could get some back doors and shots in the middle of the lane.

Where is Robinson?

That’s what I was going to ask about Robinson Maybe coach’s decision to go with others - and did pay off with Hall.
Very good win. Fun to watch. This team will win some games.
Fouss is really one tough hombre

Robinson is a 3 and 4. So, I’m thinking he may have been held out as a precaution from his injury.

Thanks. Don’t know if anything came out of post game comments.

Nothing in the post game

Hall has been dealing with a knee injury, that is probably why he looked out of shape.

According to the Desnews:
"After starting almost every game last year, Hall came off the bench because he’s been slowed by a knee injury that limited what he could do in training camp and allowed him to play just 15 minutes in the win over Houston Christian on Monday. "