Baxter plays and we blew a 25 point lead

We had a 25 point lead and SF got it down to 7. What is up with that? Baxter looked lost.

If you happened to notice during that run that Child’s, Toolson, and Haws were all sitting at the same time. Probably not ideal

For sure! Why? They need their breaks but from what’s gone on in the past with SF shouldn’t be done. We won but hopefully that doesn’t happen in the WCC Tournament

This has happened a few times and I’m sure Coach Pope has his reasons, but one of these games it’s going to come back and bite BYU. During this time last night, Nields had difficulty breaking the press trap and had a couple of turnovers and potentially a couple of more. Others like Harding and Seljaas or even Lee attempt to be playmakers, whereas they are usually set up by Haws, Toolson, Childs, or Barcello and it doesn’t always work out. I know Pope is trying to give them experience, but it has it’s liabilities too and we have seen that. I find myself wondering who will replace Haws, Toolson, and Childs next year and don’t really have an answer except for Barcello. Nobody else I’ve seen so far match up to Haws or Toolson

Child’s will be hard to replace. We do have some not playing that may be able to do well enough with a healthy Baxter. Harding can be a star. Barcello will be much better. See who we have that will be a grad transfer. Should be a good team.

Coach Pope said he had them all three sitting because he was unhappy with them.

Harding will be solid - I don’t see him in the caliber of Toolson or Haws -Childs will have to replaced by committee And BYU has a couple of front court players coming in, but how that translates, Chris probably has an idea. All I know is that Child’s, Toolson and Haws are unique and tough to replace next year. A lot will rest on the shoulders of Barcello next year

Guess he had his reason then-glad they still won and kudos to Pope for sitting them if he wasn’t happy with them

Winning is more important at this point innthe season. He could have rotated them out :slight_smile:

Harding may be another triple double guy that can shoot 3’s. We have other guards that can shoot 3’s as well. And with 4 solid big men, I’m looking forward to next year too.

Hopefully all will be good next year and I’m not predicting a demise-just that 3 players will be hard to replace, mostly because besides Toolson and a couple of others not eligible this year, it generally takes 3 years to get your own recruits established and I really expect an improvement in the center and front line improvements with the coaching of Burgess and Pope.

For sure! The 3 main seniors work well together. Emery would have played well in that 3 except I doubt he would have shot as well as Toolson. He would have been better at defense but Toolson also works well with everyone else as well.