Baylor loses today

What could have been. An easier road to the Sweet 16 had we not choked.

On any given day anything can happen. Xavier just torched Mississippi. Xavier was supposed to be a very winnable game for us but then kill at team that beat us. KC Black said Mississippi was a big dog team. It looks like they were just a bunch of puppies today. Outside Kentucky the SEC is a very ordinary basketball conference with a bunch of toy poodle wannabe pit bulls. Too bad we choked maybe we would have done better against Xavier than Mississippi did.

The Big 12 is 0-3. Two of their biggest dogs got whipped by playful little mid major kittens. Iowa State went down to UAB & Baylor to Ga something or another. Texas lost too but to Butler who used to be considered a mid major. Gotta love it when the big dog conference teams stub their toes. All is good in the world right now when a couple of jock mills get beaten. I hope few more dogs get whipped by some kittens. Only the TV networks will be disappointed.

Right on aro. Too bad BYU played like kittens in the second half against Mississippi. I blame a lot of it on the lack of coaching. I too love to see Texas and Baylor go down. Amazing to see UCLA win. Well, one and out teams have some good company so far.