Bellarmine thoughts for the win

1 top subject, Marcus Adams Jr. got his first minutes as a cougar. He was so out of shape, sporting a gut, but you could see his explosiveness. Marriott exploded when he got his 1st points as a coug. I have heard that this week was the first time he could practice full time after the ankle injury. gonna be fun watching him grow.

2 Shake and Bake" Baker got his new nickname. Eric Mika was on board for color com. and gave him his new name. Like it. 10 pts and 3 assists in 18 minutes but the play of the day that had everyone blowing up…2 wraparounds while going full speed with a dish to Johnson, who ooped it to Atike, who shole it from Stewart for a thunderous JAM. Yeah, Shake and Bake fits

3 After a very slow start 41 pts, BYU explodes for 67 in the second. Knell came out as a flamethrower to start the 2nd. hit like 10 points in 2 minutes. guard me, don’t care, I’m launching. guard me closer, I’m tear dropping on a hard drive to the hoop.

4 Atiki has his best game as a coug with his rendition of “sir swats a lot” to go with, I can go to my right or to my left or just dunk on you.

5 The ever-ready bunny Saunders 14 pts and 3 Oboards to go with his 6 rebs. He will steal your lunch money. 14 pts, “I sure like it when Robinson is injured” must be bouncing in his head.

6 Get THIS- BYU had 41 rebs and Almost as many Offensive Boards as Bellarmine had Total Boards for the game. (18). re dic u less.

7 Johnson was a top 10 assist guy in the entire country…not any more, Khalifa finally played enough games to qualify for the new #1 in assist to turnover ratio…Khalifa is 24 assists with zero turnovers

8 my MVP tonight. Cool Hand Luke has his usual 8 boards, 7 assists, 3 steals (got Hall his 1st dunk on the season) and 14 pts. As mentioned, he is top 10 nationally on Asists.

9 Did not look like we would hit 100 at half. looked like an 80’s game but Knell opened the gates and flooded Bellarmine with a whooping 67% shooting 2nd half and more importantly, BYU won by a wider margin then Utah.

10 of 69 total shots for the game, BYU hoisted 39 threes. When will the national media start talkin. This is cra cra

Playing 12-13 players eventually wears out the other team when we shoot like that.
The last guy to do two wraparound’s I can remember was Ainge against Notre Dame in 1981. But Ainge took it to the basket.

completely agree with the sentiment…but scoring margin for both games by my math was 42 per game.

if you just look at halfs BYU’s second half was far more impressive than any of the other three halves though.

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Did anybody watch the BYU postgame show on BYU TV last night? Coach Pope gave a nice testimony on the atonement of Christ and the real meaning of Christmas. It wasn’t scripted and came naturally when Spencer Linton asked him if he had a Christmas wish. My regard for him went up immensely. He is exactly what a BYU coach should be. If you didn’t see it go to BYU TV and watch last nights postgame show. All of them are archived.

Maybe other BYU coaches have done this. I just don’t recall hearing anything quite like it from a BYU coach on a postgame show.

Nice summary, Fish. And all that without Fouss or Jax!