Best case scenario for BYU to Big 12 & playoffs

The Big 12 could easily shoot itself in the foot by having two successful top 10 teams in Baylor and TCU. It is very possible that both will get left out of the playoffs. Here is how I see things playing out for the rest of the season for the top teams.

Alabama. Oregon and Florida Stare each take care of business the rest of the season, and wins their conference championship. they get the 1,2 & 3 spots in the playoffs.

This leaves Mississippi State, TCU, Ohio State, and Baylor fighting for the last spot.

TCU plays at Texas and vs Iowa State. I see them winning both of these and ending the season 11-1

Ohio state has home games vs Iowa and Michigan. I see them winning both of theses and getting into the BIG10 championship game. If they win this they will be 12-1

Baylor has home games against OK State and K. State, and a road game at Texas tech. the only challenge here is K. State, but since it is in Waco, I see Baylor winning and being 11-1.

Baylor has the tie breaker with TCU and would be Big 12 champs.

I can’t see the selection committee passing up on an Urban Myers coached 12-1 Ohio state for Baylor or TCU.

Mississippi state would be out of the picture because they will be left out of the SEC championship.

In this case the Big 12 will have the #5 & #6 teams, but no spot in the playoff. The conference expansion talks would heat up BIG TIME, and who would be at the top of the list? Hopefully BYU.

I agree, if the big 12 is left out and the excuse of no conference championship game is used, they may be forced to expand.

So far, it looks like it may happen as you predicted. As much as I don’t like Ohio State or Alabama, it would be great to have the big 12 shut out of the playoffs and force them to consider expansion.

Yes, it will be interesting to see if they will do it. I suspect that we will hear more about this over the next couple of months.

Now that the Big 12 has missed out and their are rumors of expansion, is there any belief that BYU would make a play by offering to join for less share, perhaps because BYU doesn’t “need” as much money, but they need the association. Thoughts?

Hey, Comrade Bowles has said no expansion. I sure hope he means no expansion NOW. I am still shocked that W Va got in.

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Dan, I just read your best case scenario for BYU getting into the Big 12.

I would be very interested in reading your worse case scenario for BYU attempting to get into the Big 12.

My guess is, that my best case scenario, would fall somewhere between you best case and your worse case scenario.

Let’s see how close my guess is and than we may disscuss our differences of opinion, if any, or perhaps, jell into one mind set.

Thanks for your opinion.



The Big 12 may once again, be left out of another Big 4 play off in the 2015 season.
This may be becauuse of no play off system within the Big 12.
This may be because they do not have the required 12 teams to have that play off.
This means that they may finally see the need to expand.
All of this above, does not mean that BYU will be the chosen one of two teams to enter the Big 12.

More and more, the Big 12 is looking at different teams to be an option, thus pushing BYU, further and further behind in the process.

We may have more to offer than any other available team for Big 12 Expansion.

Playing field ability; Facilities; Financial Stability; ESPN TV contract; Our own BYUtv Network;
a NC on our record; A Heisman Trophy Winner on our Record; A Doak Walker Award on our Record; Many other Awards on our Record; Our win Loss record all time; Our win Loss record the past 10 years; Or academic achievents may be better than those available Universities for Big 12 expansion.

All of our said assets above does not mean that we will be the chosen one of two teams for Big 12 expansion. Many may be called, but only two will be chosen.

Houston, Air Force, SMU, UCON, Pitt, , UCF, Boise State, have been considered. Even Colorado State and UNLV is in the consideration. None of these schools may have the positives that BYU has as listed above. That’s in our favor.

The schools listed above, does not have any of the negatives which we may possess, and that is not in our favor.

Will our positives out way our negatives, or will our negatives out way our positives. Only time will tell.

One of our biggest negatives, in my opinion, is that we do not see our negatives as negatives, but instead, we see them as positives that we expect everyone else to accept, and that one negative may be the thing that causes the Big 12 to choose an otherwise lesser school over ours.

Consider replying to several posts at once

Okay, I agree this is a better idea than what I have tried to do in the past. In the future, I will definately use your suggestion. I do appreciate the opportunity to express my opinions, popular or not, on your board that offers difference of opionion for possible growth. If we all share the same opinions, it may stiffle our growth.

Look like going to be a long drag to come when comes to expansion in the playoffs. Just like the bcs but making worse for G5. Big 12 really think they are going to stay pat at 10? Good luck.

What do you think about this article?

Board of Regents chairman wants to threaten Houston’s way into the Big 12

To: [email protected]

Tilman Fertitta wants to put pressure on the Texas legislature to withhold funding to Texas institutions unless Houston is admitted to the Big 12.
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