Biden lying again

Biden’s news conference about guns was full of lies. But trying to equate gun murders to Covid19? What an idiot.
So, there are about 430,000,000 guns in the U.S. with about 10,000 murders last year. That’s 0.002364% of guns killing 10,000 people. While there were over 30 million people testing positive for Covid19. If 0.002364% of those testing positive had died from Covid19, that would be 724 people. And, we never would have heard about Covid19…gun violence is hardly a pandemic…

Don’t worry. CNN, NYT, WaPo, and the fact checkers will be sure to call out the President and his administration for being loose with the truth.

Impeachment coming up?

Ya right… he called the ATF the ATE today in his dumb announcement.

He has been in office for about 3 months now and it has been nothing short of a complete disaster. How can this go on for another 4 years?

The Democrats create a crime crisis with all their talk and actions weakening the police and then crime increases (gun violence is just one of many types on the increase). They want to take away guns to end a crisis their weakness created. Makes perfect sense in their world. Create a problem with bad ideas and then solve it with bad ideas and then never let a crisis go to waste, especially one they created. The main stream press will be right in their corner and big tech, who is also in their corner, will see that any opposing voices are squashed.

Their solution to gun violence will only mean that the people who should not have guns, namely criminals, will get them, and keep them, because criminals don’t obey laws and that is why they are criminals. Any half intelligent person should easily see through most of the Democrats ideas given reasonable balance in the press, social media, and educational institutions. Of course brainwashed Marxists overwhelmingly control all those disseminators of information. Repeat lies often enough and pretty soon you will have a society of useful idiots.

Very well written. Biden wants ghost guns to have serial numbers on them. Ummm…ghost guns are made illegally. So, his executive order is going to make criminals put serial numbers on them. This is the dumbest administration ever!

I doubt that CNN and MSNBC will call out the unofficial President Biden. The other media outlits will not call him out. He is always safe with the so called major outlits too, like NBC, CBS, PBS, and ABC.

Don’t you dare call out cnn…or so I’m told by many forget social media friends. A lot of profile still believe the garbage that their the most trusted name on network news.

This and a lot of other things are not random. There is a plan by the leftist / socialist / communists to devolve the USA into a weak and chaotic society and nation, such that the country can become a socialist then communist country. There is a plan and it is working nicely for then. Unfortunately for us.