Big 10 and PAC 12

Both are looking into only playing league games. If that happens, should BYU sue for the loss revenue for the first 4 games? I would…

Suing the PAC12 for protecting fans from a deadly disease?

They are still playing games, right! So, they aren’t worried about protecting anyone. They are still going to play 10-11 games. Why not one more with an independent? They are still going to travel in planes and great distances. So, there is no reason not to play us. We are losing money and therefore they are liable. If they were worried about protecting fans then don’t play the games. But they are.

LOL Is that what you think this is all about?

We think alike now :slight_smile:

By eliminating three games the schedule is pushed back almost a month. More time to see where the virus is going. Less games, less exposure. If we could get in a conference, this would be an issue.

What is your conspiracy theory?

It’s about the money. It always is. I like playing P5 teams so Independence is good. No one ever thought a pandemic would be used against the U.S. by China’s Communists. So, being in a league is right now better.

Money is often the issue but PAC12 teams will lose money by cancelling three games.


When I was your age, there was a book written called, "HowTo Win Friends And Influence P"eople. You should try to get a copy and read it,

Making members of any Power Conference upset or angry with us, is not in our best interest,


Money is not the issue at this point in time. It is politics. Higher education, in case you hadn’t noticed, is all in/aboard on the socialism train. The Covid virus is a tool being used to help break down this country, destroy freedom and get Trump out of office.

The trade off is Joe Biden and a party that has been hijacked by extreme liberal nonsense.

Higher education is a big part of why the country is in the state it is in right now.

Sticking up for what is right isn’t always popular and you might lose some “friends” along the way. What is most important to us is coming front and center. It is time to stand for what is right and true.

Read it. Use it in business. But, I will always say what is true.

Yep! The left anarchists aren’t interested in making friends. Nor do they want to be influenced. Haven’t we or aren’t we supposed to learn from history? These leftists are now Marxist and fascists. They want the country to collapse. How are we to influence total darkness. Not even the Lord was able to influence and change the people in Noah’s days.

I agree 100% on higher education catering to liberal dogma. The best of our students will produce, the others will teach, often working for the government.
Socialism benefits academics and punishes the productive.