BIG 12 plan proposal

I haven’t been on the board in a while so I don’t know if this idea has been brought up. But I was thinking, what if BYU and Boise St.(or any other school, I don’t really care if it’s Boise St.) go to the BIG 12 and say we want to be in your conference and we will split a share of the money for the next 10 years and after that we can renegotiate our standing. This way you can get your title game worth 50+ million dollars and the BIG 12 champions will have a better resume when it comes to the playoff selection committee. Win-win for everyone right?

Way too many years, how about 5 years?

HAHA honestly I just want in, so if they counter with 15 years I would still accept it no questions asked.

15 years is a loooooong time!