Big 12 rankings

Phil Steele Slots Oklahoma State Third in Forecast of New-Look Big 12 (

If I were a betting man, I would not have BYU at 14.

If McCae starts at any point in this season, I have BYU bowling

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It’s going to be an interesting season for sure. With all the major announcements about basketball, I’m really in the dark about this football season, so I appreciate your optimism.

I’m frankly surprised at Steele’s analysis. I thought the last couple of games, although losses, pointed to an upswing this season. I think we will do better than 14th in the conference and believe a bowl is not only possible, but likely.

We have strengthened both lines. That is important to a good season. I did not like picking up Whyoming and SMU. This is the toughest schedule we have ever had. We needed three patsies to get 3 wins to start with and fewest possible injuries.

Well recruiting bigger star power has seem to pick up a few choice guys:
BYU football receives commitment from 4-star WR LaMason Waller – Deseret News

BYU football gets commitment from 3-star tight end Jackson Doman – Deseret News

BYU football gets commitment from Tucker Kelleher – Deseret News

BYU football: Tight end/Edge Ulavai Fetuli commits to BYU – Deseret News

One thing that I heard on the sports talk last night was that the NIL money for BYU has exploded and put BYU on the map for some of these players who before would never consider BYU.

Not sure how true that is, but I see a big and better difference in recruiting for both Basketball and Football now.

Timing is everything brotha, Remember when SMU had the corner on NIL money???


I saw this and thought of something you said last year…
BYU football: What assistant coaches are on the hot seat – Deseret News

Looks like ARod and offensive coaches are on the hotseat. well, at least a little warmer :open_mouth: