Big 12 Tournament All-Conference

I wake up this morning to see the DesNews headline trumpeting Robinson being named Conference Best Sixth Man…well deserved.
And then listing honorable mentions…ok…who else was on the honorable mention list? who was on the actual All-Conference First team?
Big 12’s own website…no such list. this is as close as I could find at the conference’s site: Phillips 66 All-Big 12 Men’s Basketball Awards Announced - Big 12 Conference (

So Heartland Sports has a more complete list available: 2023-24 All-Big 12 Men’s Basketball Team Announced ( It is nice to see the First, Second, and Third teams broken down…the most likely to be NBA bound list I would call it.

But still no list of the Honorable mentions…except at some sites like DesNews that cover the local team…and then they only list the local team members…
So Congrats to the Cougs…but thumbs down for the conference forgetting that they actually have fans interested in knowing the actual information.

I have problems with the list.

Kansas McCullar should not be 1st team, he was injured when it counted. put someone else in there.

I understand that Houston’s coach Sampson was named Big 12 coach of the year followed by Pope, I can live with that

Saunders should be on that sub list somewhere

Johnson should be on the 2nd or 3rd ballet


Isn’t amazing that no one is on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd teams and yet we are #5 in the league? That’s true team play by all the players. 8 different players scored 20 or more points during the season. only 3 other teams did this in all America. And, # 5 in the best conference in America as well. Last year, we were #5 in one of the worst conferences. I think Gonzaga and SMC are highly overrated.

I was briefly watching the Saint Mary’s game just now and the timing was meant to be because the announcers were going on and on about how great the WCC is and how St. Mary’s and Gonzaga deserve high seeds in the ncaa tourney and how BYU was in the WCC for more than 10 years and never won it (I think everyone here knows my reasoning for that happening) and how BYU had a great year in the Big 12 but they may not have finished top 4 or something stupid like that in the WCC because they have the same team they did last year and blah, blah, blah…

It was all a pile of rubbish yet they both went on and on about it and really ripped into BYU more than anything else. This is the kind of stuff that is really nonsense and uncalled for.

The fact that BYU got only honorable mention players and very little recognition for the accomplishments they had this season is just another example of the… wait for it… BIAS, that is prevalent year after year. It’s funny how some of you will post the comments, act like your upset, say it isn’t right and then leave it at that without ever really recognizing why or the reasoning behind it. Dickinson should have been third team at best, he sucks. I agree with fish on McCullar as well but it’s Kansas, and as bad as they were this year they still get 2 guys on the first team? What a laugh.

There are reasons why games are called a certain way, why double technicals happen when one player takes a forearm to the throat twice and never contacts the player that hit him. There is a reason why a drive to the basket by a BYU opponent gets a whistle and the same drive by a BYU player does not, even though they are identical plays in many cases. There is a reason why Houston gets away with baiting an official into a call and BYU does not. It is very subtle the vast majority of the time and therefore unnoticeable almost to the average fan. Entire games can be played with none of it happening but then it rears it’s head almost unnoticed and happens in a critical point of a game. Honestly I don’t even think it is intentional the majority of the time… it just happens and nobody can explain why.

I guess it’s okay, I will continue as the lone voice in the wilderness if needs be. The rest of you can stomp your feet, act like you’re upset and never understand why or admit the reality of what it is. Maybe I should do the same… but I probably won’t. Someone has to be that lone voice.

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Should we just call you Lone Wolf? Or, the boy who cried wolf? :rofl:

I think we all agree with how the media looks at BYU, you were good on most of the refereeing comments except where the plays drive to the basket are identical. They are not. We avoid the contact floating away most of the time while other teams initiate contact and get the calls.

Did you read what I said? No.

I didn’t say EVERY PLAY, I said in many cases. BYU does NOT get the calls even when they supposedly initiate contact… and by the way, I think the rulebook is pretty clear about “initiating contact” because if a player is moving into another player and initiating contact, maybe it should be an offensive charge call some of the time.

Either way, you clearly don’t understand what I am saying so there is no point discussing something you aren’t understanding.

Myself and others have tried to explain it to you why we didn’t get many of calls going to the basket while others teams do. Some day you may get it but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Dickinson and McCullers were 1 and 2 in scoring in the Big12. No reason they shouldn’t be.

So the best players are the ones who score the most points.

Shows how much you know. Is that how they determined the first second and third teams? by how many points they averaged?

The game of basketball has deteriorated over the last several decades. It isn’t that fun to watch anymore as it is more of a show than it is a competition of sport.

Kansas was pretty bad this season, by their own standards and by everyone elses. Dickinson is the most overrated player I can remember watching. I can’t see his plodding, robotic, rigid style translating to the NBA.

You are losing touch with the game…

Fouss schooled Dickerson
All ya need to know about that first teamer


Watched a good part of the SMC-Zags game lost night…would love to play either team with this year’s team…love love love.

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the only thing I want as much as success in March for the blue Cougs is that it is against SMC and/or Zags