Big 12 votes in Utah and ASU

Saw on line that Utah and ASU have been voted in to the Big 12. Thoughts?

Personally, I would have liked to see them get pushed into Independent status for a few years for their bad attitude towards us in the PAC12. But, the rivalry is back!

It’s official: University of Utah officially joins the Big 12 Conference - Deseret News

Love how “some” of the Ute fans are now having to eat crow.

This is good for both BYU and Utah:

  1. It brings back a “natural” rivalry.
  2. It also allows the BIG12 to divide into smaller travel division to save money on transportation.
    3.It allows the BIG12 to have west coast present to remain strong #3 conference.

I do love the fact that one of the schools that was the leader of opposition to BYU joining the PAC12 (Stanford) is not in a broken-down Conference. Payback is a “what”?

I would still have liked to seen Utah go through some humility lessons having to back to the MWC or Independence. :innocent:

They are going through that… They all thought the BIG10 was going to invite them.

Some of the fans called the BIG12 the “Truck Stop Conference”. Now they have to eat crow,

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They won’t think that especially in basketball.

The ironies are many! All the schools that left BYU behind in jumping to P5 conferences are now in the same conference with us. Utah, Az, ASU & TCU. The western part of the B12 is now just the best teams from the old piddly, podunk WAC. With the 12 team playoff format, if the PAC either dissolves or merges with the MWC, which actually seems possible at this point, BYU arguably would have had an easier path to the playoffs staying in the MWC (though less money), and Utah State will have an easier path than either BYU or Utah. If the PAC/MWC merger happens, Stanford, which has opposed adding schools to the PAC because they are “academically inferior”, will be forced to choose between associating with those they have rejected or going independent, both of which are a death knell to their dominant Olympic sports program (unless the B10 bails them out at a discount). So many ironies.

I lived in the Midwest for 35 years (Illinois, Indiana, Ann Arbor) and can tell you that the Big10 view of Utah is that they have developed a good program, and it’s a nice little school (while patting them on the head). Big10 fans get rational of USC, UCLA, and Oregon and Washington as they can make sense to add, more just to keep up with or even get ahead of SEC. Adding Utah would make no sense to them. Utah thinking Big 10 would want them is laughable and shows the arrogance.of Utah. What goes around comes around.

I doubt there will be any G5’s in the top 30.

karma is a b…ch

Utah and BYU were contracted to play each other in non-conference games six times between now and 2030, beginning Sept. 7, 2024 at Rice-Eccles Stadium. It is assumed that those six games, and one in 2029, when there is no BYU-Utah game on the slate, will become conference games and be played later in the year, rather in September.

I could see BYU and Utah playing a annual late Oct-Nov game. and USU as a pre season foe but
every other year. And BSU??

Floyd, I think the word you are looking for is “b$tch,” and it’s perfect karma for Utah making fun of the B12 for a year.

As far as Stanford goes, my family is historically a Stanford family. My parents went there and met there in 1949. 3 of my 4 older brothers went there. My dad worked there in the 50’s and 60’s. I was accepted there but chose BYU. My first college football game in person was at the old Stanford stadium. My brother played varsity rugby 15’s for Stanford.


It is beyond hysterical for me to see Stanford left absolutely holding the bag. Stanford won’t participate in NIL because it’s beneath them. I hear talk of Stanford considering dropping to FCS in football so they can compete. The whole thing is hilarious after their high and mighty, egomaniacal, totally blind belief that the “Conference of Champions (insert joke here)” was indestructible.

PS I too am glad to have Utah in the Big12. Our country needs things to create unity, and now every school in the B12 can unite to hate UofU. I’m predicting nothing less.


This is FANTASTIC!! I bet we go back to playing Utah in late November when other rivalry games are played. This conference affiliation should also open the door to scheduling BSU as a non conference game early in the season–we can do something like 1 easy win (FCS), one good mid major like BSU (or I’ve always enjoyed the SDSU rivalry), and one P4 non conference opponent.

I believe we will be competitive in football this year. I optimistically think we can go 6-6, keep most of those losses respectable, and be bowl eligible. I’d call that a solid first season.

Are you as excited as I am to see our new defense? Our team has been just miserable to watch the last few years, and even with the losses, this will be way more fun.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: The rivalry is back on!

Stanford and Call are talking with the ACC

Well said, pmac. I’ve lived 51 of my 57 years (BYU+mission) on the West Coast. It’s exhausting listening to Pac12 fans (Ok, only Utah, USC, UofO, UW fans and Bill Walton) talk about the Pac12 being superior to the Big10. This won’t be an easy transition for the Pac teams headed to the Midwest.
The “Conference of Champions” CEASING TO EXIST PRACTICALLY OVERNIGHT? At least we never ever EVER need to hear another PAC12 fan talk about the elite “research institutions” in the Pac4. The high and mighty talk sure stopped fast as the rats were jumping off the burning ship. As Fish says, bad leadership + incredible arrogance = sudden death of a once proud conference.

As an Oregonian, I will share this:
I do feel bad for Oregon State. As a disclaimer, I’m no Duck Hater. Anyway, OSU has been under UofO’s thumb for a long time, and it has resulted humility in Beaver fans while creating extreme arrogance from many Duck fans. I know a lot of Beaver fans and when it comes to BYU, I have never heard anything but praise from them for BYU and for the church in general (not the case with Duck fans). You may remember the episode last year at Autzen Stadium in Eugene that made national news–a kid from here in Salem, OR that I actually coached against a couple years ago was at a Ducks game. He’s a good LDS kid and a QB with multiple D1 offers. A significant group of fans around him found out he was there and started a “F–k the Mormons, F–k the Mormons” chant. It got picked up on cell phone and was reported widely. The athletic department made the obligatory “oh we are so sorry and don’t tolerate bigotry etc etc etc” but it was just lip service. So I’m glad we are not in a conference with the Ducks, but do feel bad that the Beavers are left twisting in the wind. OSU is a program on the come, and a nice fan base.

Cal and Stanford: both administrations hate football, their fans don’t care, and it will only get worse. Their arrogance is unrivaled. Stanford’s refusal to participate in NIL spells doom for the program. I don’t think they would even be competitive in the MW. The BIG10 does NOT need these two schools unless they just want a couple patsies for the Ducks and Dawgs to keep beating up on. Football is a complete joke to both of them, and with Stanford not participating in NIL, that program is a Dead Man Walking.

Utah: I’m glad they got in the B12. Fish makes good points RE Utah, Colorado, ASU and UA. Makes divisional play much easier to sort out. Creates good recruiting rivalries. Let’s be honest: we love to hate UofU. Here in Oregon there are a lot of BYU fans, but NO ONE and I mean NO ONE AT ALL cares about Utah. Other than the Duck and Beaver fans both hate Utah. I love the BYU-Utah rivalry and am glad it’s back. And I honestly believe that BYU will emerge with the stronger program now that we can recruit in the same conference. Keep this in mind: with rare and short in duration exceptions, in the WAC and then in the MW, for 50 years BYU has been the stronger program when both teams were in the same conference. No reason it can’t and won’t be the same in the B12.


I know I’ve been trashing Puk-tah some (it’s fun!), but I am glad they are in the Big12. It is the right place for them. They are a very good football team - Kyle Whittingham is an exceptional coach (where did he go to school?). They are (at least have been) a better program than Texas or Oklahoma - Not a better or bigger brand, but a better football team. I have been to a number of games with in-laws and Rice Eccles is a very good venue. I think the Hopster mentioned it, but I just would have liked to see them panic and grovel a little bit before they landed. They sure treated BYU badly when they could. But now “On with the show!”

Forgot I had a question. What is BYUs Big 12 revenue share and how long does it last at less than a full share? Don’t like that part of the four-corners getting in.

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Byu goes in as a full partner from the get go

BYU Will Get Full Big 12 Revenue Share in 2024 (

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thank you.