Big game tonight and it is eerie quiet on the board

Coach today said all players are available. No one on BYUSN asked if Adams is available too. We are a 2.5 underdog in our home court. I’d like to see 2 complete half’s played. Hopefully we will have another offense if Houston pressures us from getting open 3s and being able to pass the ball around. And, lots of help on defense.

What happened to Spencer Johnson?

Has the best game of his career and has now disappeared in 3 straight halves. He is a liability at this point, not helping BYU at all.

Robinson is killing us last few minutes
Down 11

Falling apart

Nice comeback. But fell short again. Missing shots and turnovers really hurt.

2-10 fro 3s. Johnson 1-7. The team shot 29% from 3s. We have to shoot 36-38% to win games because we shoot so many. It’s why we don’t get many fouls called for us. Other teams take it in where we are slow and foul. Ya, there are bad calls. But that isn’t why we lose.

lol I didn’t watch the game last night, but my wife watched the tail end of it. She knows little about basketball, but is a big BYU fan. Anyway, she comes storming into the room last night after BYU lost, saying “those officials cost BYU the game-there was a hold on Knell’s arm when he was shooting that 3 point shot”. I laughed and told her “there is no bias in officiating “. I couldn’t get her to agree :crazy_face:. Of course I know there is bias in officiating, whether it is conscience or unconscious. They are human and are subject to human emotions, like everyone else. Whether it’s because of a personal dislike or the result of being swayed by 80000 home field fans-it happens and nobody is dumb enough to say it doesn’t. It’s why the terms “the Jordan rules”. Or the “James” rule come into existence. I see more of it in the NFL and NBA than anywhere else. Why is a blatant interference penalty not called and a slight hand on the back of the receiver called interference. I saw an NBA player last night slugged blatantly in the face while defending the shooter-no call. Yet this is a player that complains a lot about officials. So he isn’t their greatest icon, whereas I can see other players glide to the hoop and nobody touches them and it’s a plus one. Bad calls have been the result of slowing the games down and reverting to instant replay. It’s not all innocent and I guess it becomes part of the game, but to say there is no bias by officials in the world of sports, is burying your head in the sand. It’s not, generally why teams lose games, but it happens

Knell was wide open. No one grabbed him. I’ll watch it again but I saw Knell lean too far bend at the waist and over shot the basket by 6 inches. If he had been hit, the ball would have fallen short.

I didn’t see it and am not sure which play it was. I’m sure the commentators must have said something to the effect if she was to even know what happened. She is into BYU but not sports in general

Was on an earlier shot than the one when we were tied 68-68.

:+1:thanks for the clarification

If he had over shot the basket by 6 inches it would have banked in, not missed. He over shot by a couple inches at the most and it hit the back of the rim…

There were a couple of VERY bad calls against BYU (funny how these particular calls always go against BYU) that the unbiased announcers mentioned specifically. Nobody has talked about those but the announcers did. They were really bad calls and they were against BYU.

That’s about 6 inches. In any event, when he gets his feet under him and goes straight up he is never off short or long. Sometimes his elbow flings out and he goes left.

After the 4th foul on Hall (when the Houston defender RAN directly INTO Hall on an oblique angle), the announcer said, and if I recall this is word for word, “that was awful. How could they even call that? Just terrible.” It takes a lot for the announcers to trash a ref like that. A absolute classic gem was the now famous call at the end when the Houston player knew the official wasn’t smart enough to recognize his hoax and 100% pulled Knell down on top of him. That should have been a “hook and hold” which is a flagrant giving BYU 2 shots and the ball—and likely the game. Instead the free throws for Houston iced the game. I don’t even criticize the Houston guy. It came right out of a time out and was done by an 88% FT shooter. That play was called by the coach in the huddle and was a super smart play because Sampson WORKED that official right in front of his bench during the time out. Well done by Coach Sampson and his player. Simply embarrassing for the officials.


True. Good point. Also, If Knell makes the 3, we may have won as well. Same with Saunders. But, we need players that can make those shots. The 4 losses were winnable but we quit scoring at the end of those games. Coach Pope said he should have brought Fouss in the game earlier. Why did he bring in Atiki first?

My view is simple, I have watched many a game, and the announcers for the most part is wrong when they talk about officiating.

first, most of them do not understand the rules, nor how they are applied in situations. Even though those that “played” the game, that does not mean they know the rules.

second, they have the advantage of watching replays.

third, they have an advantage of watching from the stands and not on the floor.

fourth, the officials are on the floor and in the middle of the play, which means they don’t have a bird’s eye view.

I am not saying officials don’t make bad calls, they are human beings after all.

When I was officiating, and fans or coaches complain about the calls of my crew after a game, I would always tell them this:

“Sports is played, coach and officiated by Human beings, therefore they are prone to make mistakes. When your player plays the perfect game and your coach calls a perfect game, then you can complain about the officiating. Until then, I am not interested in your viewpoint.”

I know, not very PC or nice, but what I have found is that fans do not understand the rules, nor how to apply the rules in situations.

Nor what it like being on the field or floor in mass chaos, trying to watch for things. Remember you have 6 eyes watching 10 players create total confusion on the floor.

The view is always different on ground level, than from the seats or on TV.

Here is an article that questions BYU depending on the 3 so much:
BYU basketball: Why BYU’s upset bid against No. 4 Houston fell short - Deseret News

Good article. I didn’t care for Pope not knowing who to put in when Khalifa need a rest. Atiki? Really comes off the bench first? I’d hate to see Fouss transfer. Bad coaching. Yes, he missed a shot in the lane that was open. But he makes most of them. If we would do more passing until someone has a clear shot next to the 3 point line or Fouss gets open in the paint, we win more games.

Also, we shut them down inside the arc and scores more. But we didn’t control their 3 point attempts well. Although, if we don’t commit so many fouls then they would have scored more 2s.

So, the loss will always be because we don’t take smart shots. Not the foul situation. We will always have twice or more fouls and far fewer free throw attempts. Therefore, we win or lose by taking smart shots and get more scoring on assists like we have in the most of the 14 wins.

I was on a flight to columbia so I had to glean the game from you all posted.
BYU can play with anyone, except maybe Kansas at the Rock

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