Big Mo, will we see him anytime soon

Some of the top experts on Langi’s progression are the ones he lines up against every day, the BYU offensive linemen.
“He’s a big dude,” Cougar senior Tuni Kanuch said on Monday. “He’s going to learn and he’s going to be a great football player. He’s out there and doesn’t know what he’s doing but he’s trying to grind and use his weight and muscles. He’s trying to make things happen. I’m happy he’s working too because you aren’t going to face a guy who is heavier than that.”

Linehan said even with the criticism and struggling to learn quickly, he hasn’t really seen Langi get discouraged with his situation.
“The only time I’ve seen him get frustrated was when he couldn’t get his 10th rep at 600 pounds on the bench press,” Linehan said.

Dude is going to be special

That’s a typo right? 600 lbs.

That is what I thought!. World record is over 1000 lbs but 600 is amazing. I don’t think he could really do that much… But maybe… And if he can we will see him on the field this year at some point.

You would have to talk to Linehan about that. Could be that Linehan was throwing out some cheeky Aussy sarcasm.

But if you weigh 400 lbs, 600 is 150% of your weight. I benched 150% of my weight easily all of my life and can still do it today if I had need to at age 59. I worked out with guys in college who could do 200% without a sweat.

I am just amazed at the number of reps. Doing 600 once is one thing, but 10 reps is a whole different equation. Did you do 10 reps at 150% of your body weight??

Good question. In HS @155 lbs, I was doing 225 7 reps with coaches and teammates. So I would think after a mission and I had my “man strength”, who knows. I do know this…NFL combines and college always go with reps at 225lbs. So based on that, Linehan might just be feeding us some Aussy

Wow Chris! How much do you weigh, like 85 lbs.?

I never benched 150% of my weight but I haven’t been under 200 lbs. since high school except for a brief period on my mission in Paraguay when I lost 50 lbs. in the first 3 months there and got to 175.

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Jim - What happened in Paraguay? Did you get really sick? My daughter is in the Guatemala City South Mission now.

Diverticulitis which in his case is in the brain, the optical nerve and the bowel nerve got crossed up and ever since he’s had that crappy outlook on the NBA and referees :slight_smile:

I’ll have to bring more cheese balls and ice cream sandwiches to the games and get you plumped up a bit :slight_smile:

Let’s see, when I was 185 at age 40 I benched one rep 350lbs. I don’t do free weights anymore but at the gym each week I do 10 reps on the nautilus bench and do 4 sets at 120lbs, 150lbs, 180lbs and 210lbs. I’m turning 64 in 3 weeks :slight_smile:

Now for the real answer, not some ridiculous (as always) comment from Gavenman.

I arrived in Paraguay in the middle of summer. Actually it was in October and it was cold in Provo but hot in Paraguay. My first area was downtown Asuncion in the middle of the city. It was hot and humid, I didn’t like the food very well and my trainer was a worker. I loved that. I walked everywhere I went, ate very little and the pounds literally dripped off me. I showered at least twice a day, got eaten alive by mosquitoes and l learned to love the people of that country more than I ever thought possible.

I had the runs for a few weeks early on but that went away. I never really got “sick”. It was just a lot of walking in the middle of the summer, October to February.

Also, I have a niece serving a mission in Guatemala City East mission.

I knew this was coming, like I know the sun is coming up in the morning.

So predictable… :smirk:

Well, I did and it was on my birthday too :upside_down_face: