Big test on Sat. in Arkansas

BYU has the chance to take down a SEC Arkansas team that took BYU to the wood \shed last season.
ESPN gives BYU a 20% chance

BYU on Offense, with a terrible BYU Oline when it comes to the run (2.9 ypc) We are so one dimensional that Arkansas is coming with ears pinned back to kill Slovis. This is the recipe to get your starting QB injured.

remedy: Promote Martin to starting RB. He had 27 yds in 6 carries vs. SUU. Robbins , a 1000 yd. rusher last year is a head scratcher.

On D, BYU can keep us in the game. The Razerbacks have had their share of struggling with the running game. 277 yds in 2 games. QB Jefferson is a better scrambler then Slovis by comparison.
Jefferson is completing 74% of his passes vs. Slovis 64%.

I will say this, Ark has not played as tough a schedule as BYU in 2023. W Carolina #188, Kent #130
BYU has played Sam Houston #128, SUU #189. I think Sam Houston is ranked about 30 slots to high.

The SEC is not as good as in past. Tx A&M overrated by a bunch. LSU embarrassed by FSU. TX walked all over Bama. Not a conference game so not so important except bragging rights and yet, not a game to risk your QB for the season.

Will be a fun game on Sat (5:30-ESPN2)
I will give Ark the home edge
31-24 BYU

Agree complettely. Just a touch different. BYU 38 and ark 24:
Ark very vulnerable this year (we are too by same measure of mediocre first 2 games - as your analysis points out)

BTW I was very wrong about Prime CUt. Very impressive. They’ll be 3-0 and then 3-2. Still pretty good.

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On offense, the weak link seems to be the Offensive line. They are pass blockers, but not run blockers.

As you know, each Running back has a style that they prefer to run. Robbins is a straight up the middle type of guy (hitting the A or B gaps). Martin from what I have seen is off the C gap, or around the end in a sweep type play. Smith, not sure because he seems to be hybrid type runner.

I believe the issue for Robbins is that Maile and Pay should be switched, where Pay is the center and Maile the guard. Because from the results of the first two games, there seems to be disconnect on the line communication of assignments.

I think we are utilizing our Tight ends more and the Wide receivers are doing a decent job of getting open and even catching in coverage.

On defense, I think the weak link is also the defensive line, can’t put my finger on why they are not pass rushing as they should, but Ben Bywater (one of our linebackers) made an interesting comment after the game. He said that the defense players trust the scheme and the assignments, but they need to trust each other more.

Which make me believe that they are not a cohesive unit “yet” at least with the front seven players.

Our CB’s and Safeties are doing a great job so far, but as you pointed out they are going to be really tested this weekend in Arkansas.

It will be interesting to see how the team does on the road for the first time, where the environment is different, not sleeping in their own bed (which I can tell you from a personal point that does make a difference :open_mouth: ). Different time zone, and then the most important factor, “HUMIDITY”. In Arkansas it is really horrible (personal experience). This can affect the players later in the game.

They left Rex open the entire game. That won’t happen again.

The running game is 90% our Oline

Not a bad report. Better than usual.
Matich said the line doesn’t work hard enough in practice and it shows in the game. Players block and then stop and watch the game instead of going towards the ball in case of a fumble or another block. He said that’s a practice issue.

Not tonight in the Ark game, these guys were in pressuring Jefferson all night. feeling good about the D…now if we could fix the Oline, BYU would be beating some Big 12 teams.

Kansas barely beat Nevada. Should be another great game!