Bill Walton Dies at 71

The guy was real. I remember a game Ainge was coaching in getting after the referees like Jim Hawks on a mission. Brett Musberger was saying he was sure his words to the refs were cuss words. Bill Walton said “ummm…no Brett.” Bill respected people and their faith. His ways he would explain things and his analogies were great. Definately the greatest collegiate center of all time.

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If Walton wasn’t the best college center ever then it was Jabbar (known as Alcindor in his college days).

When healthy there was no better center in NBA history. Unfortunately he wasn’t healthy very often.

I didn’t even know he was sick. He was a lot of fun to listen to as a color analyst. I loved his hyperbole. He did color commentary on a lot of BYU games for ESPN over the years and he said a lot of good things about Cosic, Ainge, and Jimmer. He could be way over the top at times calling Mel Hutchins an all time NBA great. Hutchins had a good NBA career and was probably an all star a few times but hardly an all time great. He was one of the best BYU players ever but just a good NBA player. He once compared Elijah Bryant to Oscar Robertson. Well Robertson was one of the greatest college and NBA players of alltime. His hyperbole never bothered me because he was fun to listen to.

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I didn’t know either. And I’m here in Southern California. The thing is, the story is that from birth his feet hurt and so he thought everyone’s feet hurt and never told anyone. Until he was in the NBA. Then he had surgery and was never the same again.
He was a character in college. Some of which my brother can attest is true. But he turned out a great person helping people. A funny story was told by an associate of mine when my associate worked as a policeman in the Beverly Hills division where UCLA was in. One night, they got a call that there were several large individuals turning cars over in one of the parking lots. They got there and several members of the basketball team were turning a car over. One was Walton. So, the officer said to turn around to get hand cuffed. Walton said who’s going to make us. You and who else. So, the officer said, you’re Bill Walton. You’re a great player and going to play in the NBA aren’t you? Walton said ya. The officer took out his billy club and said, not with 2 broken knees. Walton said he’d come along peacefully.
He will be missed saying, “The conference of champion.”


One of my favorite players, college and NBA.
One of my favorite 30 for 30. 4 parts. Watch all. His mental health/suicide struggle is well documented. Go to part 4 about 3/4 through. Very powerful statements. I also tie it to the Church’s more recent statements/videos regarding mental health/suicide.
Huge Loss. Huge Walton fan.

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Go to what? You don’t have anything with 4 parts attached to your post.
I don’t doubt mental health issues. He was once a pot head. Drugs will do that to people.

ESPNs 30 for 30. „Luckiest Guy in the World“. There’s 4 installments.

When he played he was fun to watch.
When he did commentary he was fun to listen to…built a great career twice.
He and Todd Christensen were my all time favorite commentators.

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Every Jazz fan knows Bill Walton famous words in the 1997 Western Conference finals against Houston “Uh-oh” when John Stockton made “the shot” that sent the Jazz to the finals.

He was good at whatever he did, he would not only visit the teams that he was covering, but he wanted to know about the city the team was from, so he could use in his color comments.

It was my feelings that he had a good relationship with Danny Ainge as well. He had respect for our faith possibly because of that. That’s why he wouldn’t met Brett Muskrat say anything bad about Ainge.

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I’ve been laughing and lump in the throughout the 30 for 30 4 part series, here’s a few big moments…there will never be another like him.

and he went to over 1000 grateful dead concerts. My man, David Crosby would jam with the GDead back when REAL Music was being made.
DAVID AND THE DORKS - David Crosby with the Grateful Dead 1970 (

They should turn his home into a museum.

Must watch!

But all rich people are evil? Naw, most rich people do much like what Walton did. What a great thing to do.