Blaine Fowler has no problem with Fischer

Neither does other real analysts. What he did say today is he’d like to see a smaller lineup and use zone defenses. Chatman wasn’t one of his choices in the line up. what would your line up be with a smaller lineup?

Define what a “REAL” analyst is Scott…

Fischer is not the problem at BYU. He is a 3 point specialist, nothing more. My only criticism of Fischer has been that when he is ice cold, he continues to shoot when everyone else in the world would find the hot teammate.

Our true problem at BYU is the lack of a point guard that can penetrate and dish once defences collapse. KC is slow of feet and hands.

Help is on the way but it will have to wait til next year in the way of Elijah Bryant and TJ Haws.

Exactly Chris… and because of those tendencies Fischer portrays himself to be a selfish player at times. Oh no… maybe I shouldn’t say that, I might be condemning myself to the telestial kingdom… :hushed: No, I think it’s okay saying that. If Fischer would look to his teammates a little more often it would make him a better overall player (I know because I’ve seen him do it) and improve the chances for the team to win games they would otherwise lose.

Frofessional…not a bunch of people that want heads to role.

Fowler was the QB for the football team many years ago. He did a decent job but how that makes him an expert in basketball I have no idea…

He has an opinion and I’ll bet anything that if I had a discussion with him he would understand my perspective and more than likely agree with it regarding Fischer. I’m sure Fowler would have a minor issue with Fischer shooting 0-9 and 2-14 overall in a 9 point loss to Colorado…

You, on the other hand, can’t seem to be able to do that.

That’s just the way it is.

Not really. Kobe, Lebron, Wilt, Bird and all other great scorers-shooters that score in bunches keep shooting. It’s the only way out of a slump. The question is is Fischer shooting open shots in rhythm. When he’s not then he should pass if not open. Which he most of the time does.

Interesting news today on a slow day…Interviews with the new football coaches (good) and where Collinsworth stands as an all time great at BYU (good and bad). The argument is that KC may even be better then Danny Ainge.
KC is not only a TD threat but also an exceptional rebounder. Talk about feeding the ego. And all this time I thought it was somehow connected to winning. Silly me.

I’ll watch the news conference later. Both coaches are on BYU Sports Nation tomorrow morning. Should be good.

KC is hard to compare to Ainge. KC isn’t a shooting guard and Ainge was. Ainge played in a different era where guards didn’t rebound as much. KC does rebound a lot. KC jumps better that Ainge did too. But, KC has no shot outside a layup. Ainge did most of his scoring midrange like Haws.
Because KC handle the ball as the point more than Ainge ever did or needed to, KC gets more opportunities to rack up assists too.
Fischer is the shooting guard like Ainge was. Only, Ainge was more consistant with his shooting from game to game. He wasn’t considered a streak shooter like Fischer is.

That is why I asked the question… What makes a real analyst… By the way… Fowler WORKS for BYUTV… hmm… that must be why he is “real”… LOL

KC better player than Ainge? Yeah, right… :wink: Glad I’m not keeping up with the “news” today.

I think Fowler and McCann are fine during the games, but I don’t think there is any argument they are homers and yes men for the network. That said, they seem to go out of their way to compliment opposing players, knowing that those kids are often never on TV except for the BYUTV games, and it’s good PR for BYU to say nice things about them when their families are watching.

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Works for ESPN. He’s a professional while folks like yourself think they have all the right answer because they (you) are related to Lavell and politicians :wink:

Who works for ESPN? not Fowler… He is ALL BYUTV…

Both of them try to be balanced in their announcing and takes… but because they are paid by BYU, do you think they are going to say “What was Coach Rose thinking?”

Are you saying they are liars? They can’t objectively speak freely? Come on…

No Scott… they are like you… spin the truth to meet what you think happened…

LOL!!! You, like Jim, seem to love to judge and hate one another. It’s lack of understanding. Like Jim, you are an official and not a coach. So, you think suspiciously looking for fault to find. I fully understand and therefore don’t judge the individual.

Yeah… do you think BYU might have a bit of a problem with ego feeding? ie. the focus on records and breaking them all the time…

No wonder these kids are a bunch of self serving egomaniacs that don’t know how to play team basketball… I guess they aren’t really to blame, being force fed all this nonsense all their lives.

Totally agree with you on this one Tom. I really like the way they do games and complimenting other players is the right thing to do.

Likewise, the notion that KC is a better player than Ainge was is nonsense. Let’s see how KC’s nba career pans out before we start comparing him to Ainge.