Blue Cougars vs. Red Cougars

I am going to start this topic now and predict that the Blues will defeat the Reds and hope that carries over to the football game later tonight… that the Blues defeat the Reds. I am less confident of that happening but it is always possible.

Well, someone else besides Haws has to make shots from the outside. If not, the red cougars will win the basketball game. What we are seeing is the reason Emery will make a very good difference.

Some simple observations. Baxter is way over his head as a freshman. TJ pretty much the only cougar that came to play tonight. Yo, took way too many Lane shots. Harding and sharing he’s a freshman., One last production. People will be clamoring for Emery before too long Much to my chagrin

I can’t believe were rewarded Rose was another year.

I think we need another upperclassman that can shoot, score and play tough with the good teams. Emery is needed.
Yo didn’t shoot too much. Houston’s double team hurt because only Haws could make a shot outside or inside. Childs hit open shooters but they were cold as could be at the wrong times. 2nd half in particular. We saw the same thing against Nevada.

And this is what you have when BYU plays a real basketball team.

I knew at halftime when Rose was commenting that one of the Houston players had hit more threes in the first half than he had in three games combined, that the excuse machine was warming up. When the guy came out and hit the first shot (a 3 no less) I knew that BYU had not made any halftime adjustments. Do they ever?

For everyone that had the delusional belief that this BYU team was going to do something different than every other BYU team for the past several years, I suggest you get a reality check.

Lastly, when you chase away players like Payton Dastrup, who knows what it takes to play against better competition, this is the result you will get every time. Good luck with Luke W. doing anything. TJ and Yoeli will have some decent games on occasion against this level of competition but the rest of the team isn’t anywhere close and will struggle against well coached teams like Houston.

This is an accurate barometer of BYU playing a decent team at home-pretty much blown out in the 2nd half. Same old same old

Rose isn’t allowed to play in the game and shoot for our players. Our freshman just aren’t ready for prime time. Maybe in a few more games they will be.

The player of the game was a red shirt freshman for Houston, it was their 4th game so far this season.

Stop making excuses for the BYU coach and the players he recruited.

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Too soon to tell what we will do. 2nd half adjustments aren’t what got Houston the big lead. They didn’t change anything. Our players just could not score. Yes, Dastrup’s size and skill would have helped. But, we need the guards to make shots and we won’t get blown out.

I’ve already told you what BYU will do this season, it isn’t too early… This team will finish somewhere between 2nd (a stretch) and fourth (if they play well) but most likely it will be 3rd place in the wcc and maybe get an invite to the NIT but more likely that other tournament they went to last year. There will be no ncaa tourney bids this year or any years in the near future.

This is the price you pay for lazily recruiting only in the state of Utaho and chasing away talent. Kids who play for “state championships” in Utah and Idaho will only get BYU so far… it isn’t high school anymore. BYU needs to expand their sphere of influence and treat the talented players that go to BYU with respect. The better players out there don’t want to ride the pine behind Utaho POY’s when they know they are more talented.

Yes, that is the idea… to make shots. Their guards didn’t seem to have much trouble making shots on BYU’s home court. Strange how BYU’s team, that practices on these very baskets, can’t make shots against decent teams.

Once again you need to look deeper for answers. Your solutions are too simplistic and easy, especially when most inferior teams aren’t capable of doing what you suggest.

I know you told me so it’s just another opinion. So, as the season goes on we will see some changes for the good with the bench and with Emery.

Oh, there will be a change as the season continues. Not worried at this point.