Boise State Traitor

Looks like Boise State’s QB Bachhmeier suffers from the same mental illness as Holker. Are they cousins? Could be genetic.
Let’s see, leaves before he loses a year of eligibility, check. Will be likely picked up by a quality program. Check. Plays a position which is considered marquee, check. Decides to think and act for his long term future (a better shot at NFL), check. All while the value proposition (sacrifice His financial upside while the university makes 10s of millions off his talents and awards him with a scholarship worth, what, $30,000) is totally skewed.

Sorry, while I too wish it was the way it was 20 years ago (you know, before we became old complaining men) - it isn’t. Get used to it.

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You seem to be judgmental here. But, I’m the evil person :rofl:

Sorry, missing what I’m judgemental about – I assume it’s my reacting to your throwing out that Holker is either mentally ill or selfish and taking shots that it could be bad parenting. Just a bit strong of a take in my mind. BTW - there’s never been any evil intent from anyone on this board from what I’ve seen. So let’s leave that out. Second BTW - a true compliment - this board would not be nearly the same without your takes/thoughts, so keep them coming please!

Do you really get to decide what is judgmental or not? Nice try. But, keep the comments coming. Both their QB and Holker have serious mental issues quitting on their teams. The transfer portal should end as well as the 4 game rule thing.

Did you watch the Dennis Pita interview? An offense that features TE’s will train them in the schemes of most NFL teams. I think there is a legit concern that isn’t happening in Provo. Lots of discussion and even communications with Dalin and BYU brass this week. He is going to be a Ute I am afraid. Simply based on what he can learn being in a featured position vs BYU. I also think he is a better athlete than Rex and runs better routes.

I did see his interview. The schemes are being taught. Just not used during games this season. Rex caught 12 TDS in a single season. That’s pretty good. Maybe defenses are defending more against our TEs because our running backs have done poorly hitting the holes for the TE blocking to be used. Davis could change this. The real issue is the timing of the transfer. It was the blindside and the lack of commitment to the team. Good luck Utah with him. Same with Boise QB.

Nope. Only for myself. Everyone gets to decide for themselves what they think judgmental is. For me, saying someone is mentally ill is pretty strong.

I think your last sentence is really a good debate point. Now you’re getting to the real issue. Putting aside whether they are right or wrong in their decision, what is going to be the effect if we start seeing this leaving-the-team become routine - is it good for the game? ( probably not if say gets to 20 of top 40 players on the team elect they will enter portal in the middle of the season ) will it be part of making college football strictly a business with formal contracts with the players? etc. And, if that is undesirable , how can it be prevented/minimized? I think closing the transfer or making it more restrictive could make sense unless too much toothpaste is already out of the tube. No opinion on 4 game rule.

Agree on Davis. You and I and others mentioned McChesney. I would still like to see him get his shot to be the “hot hand”. Give Davis more runs for sure to see where it goes - he earned it - but why not McChesney. Maybe he isn’t the best practice player, and is more of an in-game player. Impressive in games.

These players get free rides from top universities. Put it it their scholarships that they will play the full year or have to pay back all tuition. I’ve always thought scholarships are contracts with money exchanging hands.

Hopper, the offense is teaching the TE schemes in practice? Not using them in games? That makes no sense. Why would a team spend time teaching the schemes if they aren’t using them? Pitta knows more than you do. He agreed with Dalin. Dalin had 3 games to play before he would lose his redshirt opportunity. BYU knew this rule. They have used it before on other athletes. Dalin can still come back next year and have 2 full years left. The only rub you have is that he announced that he was entering the transfer portal. If he just said he wanted to take a redshirt year and not enter the transfer portal he would still not play. I don’t think he owes BYU more than BYU owes him. If they don’t want feature the TE then just be upfront and tell all the TE’s that is the deal. Let them leave or adjust. He is and NFL talent. He should be allowed to hone his craft wherever he wants to. If BYU thinks they need him then they recruited the wrong guy. They should be upfront and explain what they are doing.

BYU is upset because he won’t stay and play a scheme that isn’t training him for the next level. BYU had their 2 best receivers out of the lineup and still didn’t feature the TE until the 4th quarter after Dalin and Rex got into it with coaches on the sideline about play calling. Frankly I think the TE’s are correct.

Kind of like coaches and administrators do?? Clueless

Except Rex honored his commitment to the team. The team isn’t just the coaches. Holker didn’t. Both were on scholarship which costs the school money paying for their education. Seems like the education part has taken a back seat to athletics at colleges. No, Holker knew this by the end of fall practice and could have left then. Probably knew it before with Nacua and Romney going to take most of the throws.
Pitta obviously knows much more than we do. But, it doesn’t mean the ethics he’s choosing is correct.

You make a lot of “Assumptions” here Scott… Nothing to back up in facts…
You do not know what the coaches told any of the player nor do you know what any of the players “feel”.

You do not what assume means, right?

Ya, pretty much what you do on a regular basis. Except I’m not assuming anything. I’m speculating is all.

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Walking a fine line between assumption and speculating. How about your speculation is based on assumptions? Which is almost always the case with speculating.