Bon Voyage to KC

I will never forget KC and his warrior spirit on the court. I will never forget seeing him, as a skinny freshman guard, being forced to start at center against Florida in the Sweet 16 on an already undersized BYU team when Brandon Davies was suspended, Chris Collinsworth had been lost to injury, and our only other option was 6’6 senior earthbound walk-on Logan Magnusson. Florida’s front line went 6’9", 6’9", and 6’10". All three played pro ball, and Chandler Parsons became an NBA star, while Alex Tyus is a euroleague star. KC had 15 rebounds. He fought like I’ve never seen before. And, whatever shortcomings he may have, he has fought that hard in every game since. And he has done so unselfishly, always looking for his teammates and almost never taking a shot unless he truly believed he couldn’t get anyone else a better shot. Even last night, at far less than full strength, he realized that we were in a deep hole and he took it on himself to bring us back. So thank you to KC for playing in a way that you can end your career without anyone having any doubts about your effort or selflessness.

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Weren’t you in the"selfish" crowd about KC and Fischer at one point? I mean, I agree with your tribute to KC. He wasn’t just a very good player. He was one of the greats of BYU. Without him, where would this team have been this year?

I think Fischer often tries to do too much. I have never thought KC was selfish at all. Cocky, yes (in a good way), but selfish, no.

Agreed…this board is stupid. Individuals are having a conversation and the system interjects about what we say or don’t say. I’d like the brains of this site to take this off and let us respond any way we want to. Like with one word or symbols.

Absolutely well said.

I agree to some extent Tom. Overall, I think there is no doubt that KC was a warrior who gave 110% and did everything he thought he could to help the team win. There were times when I felt like the triple double thing was a distraction but Rose mainly did that for the fans and for KC. As for Fischer? he got better as the season wore on but he was still “selfisch” and that final shot in the Valpo game sort of put an exclamation point on it.

No matter, they are gone now and we can look forward to “next year” because this will be the time that BYU finally wins a wcc title, right?

one year away. Next year will be our refining year…2018 Jim. You rarely win with Freshmen.

Unless you are Duke, Kentucky, NC and others :slight_smile: maybe BYU since we won’t have all freshman. Mika is a sophomore. Davis a senior, Kaufusi a junior, Emery and Chatman sophomores and so on…