Bowl game predictions

What??? I did not see them on the side lines…Arizona bound?

The Deseret News also mentions this:

“A source said the COVID-19 hit BYU’s OL room recently, which could explain their absences.”

Didn’t get to see part of the game. The offense was outstanding and the defense did what they had to to give the offense the opportunities to score. Almost a perfect storm

This is article I read:
BYU shorthanded on field and sidelines in Boca Raton Bowl vs. UCF - Deseret News

Actually Liked what I saw from the defense this time. Who was play calling for them?

I heard an interesting comment by the announcers that since the LB’s and DB’s are so interchangeable that it was causing fits for the UCF QB to quite figure out how to get around them.

Where did you hear about Arizona bound?

This is what happens when Kalani has time to prepare for the team (not three days like Coastal).

Usually our first game are played very well on defense when their is ample time to prepare, it is during the season with only a week to prepare, that they sometimes don’t live up to the billing.

Yes they had a good game plan and most importantly gave the offense the opportunity for the number of possessions that they received and the offense made the most of them. All around best game of the year!

Jedd Fisch hired as Arizona HC

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I am glad you changed your tune on that prediction. The 2nd one was spot on. I had no idea what would happen but was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

Very sad not to see just how good BYU would of been had we been paired against a P5 royal. I would of loved to play OSU especially.

First prediction more of a gag type of prediction.

As of this afternoon Grimes is still a Cougar. Some coaches and non essential team personnel required to stay home out of an abundance of caution.

Roderick did an outstanding job calling the game and I would not be surprised to see him promoted to OC when Grimes leaves. We can’t keep top assistants like in the old days when it was about the job and not about the money.

Auburn fired its coach last week and paid him a $21million buyout for Christmas present.

Agree. I loved the way BYU came out and established themselves and did everything they wanted to offensively. The gadget plays had UCF totally fooled too. It was pretty fun to watch.