Bowl game predictions

Wisdom of the Grasshopper
BYU 55 UCF 28

UCF 48 and BYU 24

34-31 BYU wins

2 things against a BYU win. First, our defense and secondly Hopper’s prediction of a blow out win for BYU. Hopper could make a lot of money … and I mean a lot of money by working for one of the big Vegas books! They would use him as an excellent contrarian indicator with about 98% accuracy!

I think this will be a small margin win of less than 10 points for UCF.

I am predicting 79-76 for BYU. This is combining the point totals of each team based on Hopper’s and Arkie’s predictions of what each team will score.

I actually have no clue on this one. There is one common opponent, Houston, and UCF beat them by more than we did. UCF did take Cincinnati to the wire but so did Tulsa and Tulsa was lucky to beat Tulane who lost to Navy who was blown out by BYU. What I am saying I think anything is possible and I will be surprised by nothing.

I don’t know how much difference it will make but UCF’s best receiver is sitting this one out since he expects to be a high draft pick.

It will be a matter of which defense is the worst. Theirs is pretty bad based on giving up over 30 points per game and well over 400 yards a game. South Florida put up 46 points and well over 500 yards and South Florida is a really bad team. I think it will be more a matter of whose offense is better than whose defense is worse but I have been wrong before and could be again. Sometimes weird things happen in bowl games and it can be a matter of who really wants it. Nobody can tell me that Utah was actually better than Alabama in 2008 but they certainly were in the bowl game.

BYU 48 and CFU 24

Hopper ALWAYS predicts a blow out win for BYU, and is never correct, but positive thought process

Hahaha! How about 98 - 91

These selfish pinheads who sit out bowl games because they think they will get drafted. If I were an NFL I wouldn’t recruit him. He’s not a team player. WR’s are a dime a dozen.

His name is Marlon Williams and he apparently decided a few weeks ago to forego the bowl game according to what I read in an article on Fan Insider a few days ago.

He was their leading receiver. I don’t know how much the loss of one receiver will impact a team like UCF that throws a lot. I suspect they have plenty of receivers. It will probably have the same impact on them that losing Romney or Milne would have on BYU.

ESPN gives UCF about a 57% chance to win but Vegas favors BYU by a little less than a touchdown. Sounds like a toss up to me. I am guessing everybody has the same info about injuries and so forth unless there are some surprises right at kickoff like Allgeier against SDSU when it wasn’t known until right at the beginning of the game that he wouldn’t play.

Ya, Romney was out for the SDSU and that affected the offense. We would have put up 55 in them had he played :face_with_monocle:

With Williams sitting out but a true home field advantage…and BYU getting Allgeier back along with Romney. I am looking for a high scoring game that could go either way.

My first prediction has not changed
BYU 45-38 UCF

Haven’t heard from you. Why? :joy:

Ya, we could have scored a lot more .

After one season at USU, he was hired on Barry Odom’s staff at the University of Missouri, where he was the offensive coordinator before being hired for his first head coaching position at UCF.

Put out of his misery in 2020 Boca Raton Bowl

not sure how long the wikipedia will keep the quote up. But it is worth noting…

The all knowing one missed by a wide margin. Ouch!

And he’s in hiding. :joy:

Alright, you got it right, I missed it. Good performance by the BYU D in the first half. Great performance by the BYU O in the first half.

Good performance by the 2nd stringers OL. Sitaki’s recruiting is paying off. Then, there is Wilson and Algiers. And the receiving crew. That catch by Katoa was something.

From Wilson’s comments after the game, I think he’s like Lawrence. They love being at College. Wilson may come back because he knows he’s only young once and is enjoying his experience at BYU. Either way, next year could be a good year too.

Interesting that both coach Grimes and matoes (sp) was not coaching tonight according to deseret news.

Which mean Aaron Roderick was doing the game calling on offense.