Bracketology. Gentlemen, start your engines

What a FUN ride, never in my wildest dreams would I have dared dream BYU is:

Sitting ahead of Kansas in the Big12 Tourny and at a 5 seed.
Topic here is Brackets so lets get to it:

1 BYU has a real chance of playing in SL as a 4-5 seed.

2 Both Tenn and Arizona may have shot their foot as a 1 seed, both would have to win out in their conf. playoffs to win it back.

The 1 seeds as of today:
Purdue, me: Houston is better.
Houston (what a MURDER they put on Kansas)
UConn, can we say Dynasty at this point?
N Carolina, what you say?

3 Utah lost to Oregon last night, stick a fork in them for now.

4 SMC is a 2 seed in Lunardi, I would give anything to be in their bracket to take them down. ANYTHING!

Love to hear everyone’s input about any topic Brackets.

Who has SMC played to have that kind of seeding? They would be at the bottom of the Big12.

Ahhh-No, SMC is ranked ahead of BYU in the NET @ #14. They are very good but suffer from the same challenges as BYU, Athletism and quickness. They beat @Gonzaga. SMC would probably is about where BYU is in the Big 12. Gonzaga is down but no one wants to see them across a bracket in the big dance, they took down Kentucky @Kentucky.

5 I thought Kansas would be very tough in the Big12 tourny where they are basically playing at home (Keep in mind, they beat Houston by 13 at home), Kansas lost Dickinson, separated shoulder in the game yesturday vs. Houston blow out, lost by 30)

With Mcculler Jr.'s knee, they may not win another game this year.

Injuries are always a concern as well as illness as we had those issues early in the league play. It’s part of the game. That’s why it’s important to play as many players as possible including Atiki, Knell and Stewart. The rotation of 7 or 8 could at anytime come up and bite you on the buttocks. Harp on players all you want but those who may end up playing at the end better get the time in as well. They won’t get better on the bench.

I like where we are in the bracket. If we win the first game we play Texas tech. That is one game that BYU would like to have again. I have a friend that is a Texas tech fan and he felt lucky to win that game. If we beat Texas tech, then we probably play Houston. That’s another one I think we have a shot of winning. It’s amazing that BYU is a five seed.

Time to speculate:
BYU is a 5 seed playing in Pitt as of today, 1st round says a mid major match up with someone like Grand Canyon, followed by Arkansas or Alabama (both these SEC teams are race horses that don’t bother with D much, they just dare you to match their 100 points a game.

What needs to happen for BYU to land in SL City and get to the sweet 16 (if we do get SL City, the chances are great that BYU does win a couple of games)

I am hoping someone can help me out. If we get the 5 seed in Salt Lake, will we be playing in session 1 or session 2 on Thursday?

Unknown until tomouat 3pm PST

session 2 that is what smart phones were made for.

I’m feelin very Salt Lakey right about now