Brandon just keeps on giving

wrap your heads around this. We just exchanged a WMBA player who is on the record that she “hates America”, for a evil arms dealer, who is on the record saying “He wants to kill Americans”. And Brandon says that the American Marine was not a part of the deal.

Put gets a dangerous arms dealer back
We get a WMBA player back who chose to go to Russia in the 1st place
We leave a US Marine hanging
Biden prisoner exchange for Brittney Griner leaves behind Marine veteran Paul Whelan — again | Fox News

Pandering to his base

And Trump is the traitor with Russia. And people keep voting Democrat.

One of many harbingers for the representative republic that the USA once was (yes, yes, I know).

Go to Barstool sports and read today’s blog by Jerry Thornton (my favorite Barstool writer) on the topic. He is a liberal by the way and I love his quote about how getting Griner back will at least make “a couple hundred” people watch the WNBA :rofl::rofl:. Also look for the comments by Boomer Esaison and by Micah Parsons, best defender in the NFL. Thornton makes the point that if our government will trade a mass murderer for a basketball player, if we ever arrest a foreign national in the future that count try cam just grab any random tourist and expect us to trade. Pathetic.

And Biden doesn’t care whether this Marine dies any more than he cared about our soldiers who got killed abandoning Bagram.

That is really the big point of the swap. Anyone anywhere in the world can grab an American, use them as a trading piece for some terrorist. One of the reason’s I shut down filming around the world stems from 2 instances I had circa 2005 and 06.

An AK 47 on the Zambezi during the aids epidemic. long story

Having a gunship pull up with masked soldiers during our evening meal. unbeknownst to us, Hugo Chavez had started a war over the Farc while we were about 100 miles from nowhere filming on the Jagua Rio near the border of Venezuela and Coloumbia. Thought I would be kidnapped or killed. Longer story.

Today, there is no way I could or would do any of the things we freely did for decades as Americans traveling around the world. So Sad.

More like a good portion of Americans don’t care. They would rather hold hands and sing kumbaya, thinking those bad tyrants will quit their violent ways if they would join hands.

Read the Calhoun experiment “Mouse Utopia” I posted. It’s the direction of our society is naturally going and what the world is accepting more and more. Especially the welfare net our country has been doing for a long time.

De Santis is military. Loved the “Pay it forward” you do for Vets. Here is a great read
The DeSantis secret weapon that Democrats — and Trump — should fear (