Bronco Thoughts on the Honor Code

I agree with him. It wasn’t a negative to me and I went their as a non-member. It was an advantage.

This is a must read. Bronco is a genus.

Nothing comes up. Just Espn but not the article.

Awesome read -much appreciated!!!

He is a genius. I really like to see what he’s doing at Virginia and how far he can take them. Too bad we let him go.

I really liked a lot of him, but he had a ceiling. I do think that Sitake is not as good of an overall coach as he was.

His “oddities” took a toll. He’s also pretty awkward about how he expresses himself — not that that is the end all and be all, but when your head coach says odd, awkward things all the time, it’s a small factor. He excelled at getting maximum effort out of the hand he was dealt, and I personally relate to his affinity for lower-star athletes with good attitudes and work ethics over entitles prima donnas. I know that drives some people here nuts, because they would like us to pursue high star athletes and move heaven and earth to keep them here — even at the expense of the honor code.

When he and Anae left for Virginia, I wasn’t bitter at all, and I have always wanted them to do well over there. I would be thrilled if they could win the ACC.

It’s nice how Bronco’s success continues to reflect well on BYU, like in this article.

I liked Anae’s “go hard, go fast” hurry up offense. What doomed it here (often; not always) was that you have better be moving the chains with it and picking up first downs, or you are gassing your defense with time of possession problems. How many times did we see no yards on first down, minimal yards on second, and an incompletion on third under Anae’s offense.

If you can move the ball and pick up significant yards early in the downs, it puts a lot of pressure on opposing defenses. I like it in theory and in principle, but it’s tough sledding if the offense is struggling.

For several years now, BYU’s biggest challenge on offense is scoring touchdowns inside the redzone. Including with Anae. So, what is the challenge really in the redzone? It’s the play calling. Dumb calls thinking we are going to trick the defense instead of calling the plays that work. Either that or someone is leaking our playbook to other teams like never-trumpers in the White House.

I don’t think it’s as simple as bad play-calling. I think that intangibles like the mental game play a bigger role. Our futility and inability to beat Utah is a dramatic example of how we are fragile in the mental game. And I think there is a block in the back of our minds when we are in the red zone, sort of a subconscious “oh no, here we go again” that we need to get past.

Like with a batting slump, the best antidote is success, getting the monkey off of our back.

Yes, we have some mental blocks that cause turnovers. But, ask everyone here about the play calling inside the redzone and you will get the same answer about bad play calling. Perhaps a mental block within the coach’s minds is possible :slight_smile:

I was a big Bronco fan, but I think it had reached a point where leaving was good for him and BYU thought it was probably good for them too. You know 11 bowl games was pretty good and 9 and 10 win seasons -not bad either. Fans are often hard to please and Bronco couldn’t please a lot of them. I have no problem with Sitake-I believe he is a good figurehead for the program. He has a good OC in Grimes and now some adjustments need to be made defensively-whatever that entails. I’ve been keeping track of Virginia and though I’m not a big fan-I’m really happy for his and his staff’s success

Well said. I also think the timing was right for both parties when he went to Virginia. I wasn’t calling for him or Anae to be replaced, and would have been fine with them staying. I actually think we’re a little worse off now, in hindsight.

One thing about Bronco: he was usually lights out in season openers, bowl games, and games coming off a bye week. When he had extra prep time for an opponent, his teams were very good. It would be nice to be really good in all of the other games, too.

I think perennial 9 win seasons would be a very tall order in independence for anyone.

Rubi: The problem is that Utah has been in the PAC-12 for nine years. They recruit at that level and BYU cannot get those type of players. BYU needs to cut the P-5 schedule in half in order to compete. look how we played against Toldeo. Our team is worn out after four straight P-5 teams in a row. I agree with Jaroam Jordan. We need to cut the the P-5 schedule in half as we are currently a G-5 team and a G-5 organization.

All that being true, we still should be able to beat Utah every once in a while. They got up for games and won sometimes against LaVell, pre-McBride, when they started to split games with us. Heck, even UTEP beat us in Provo that one time.

It’s a mental block. Like @ Boise St. (we’ve never won there), or Utah in the Colliseum (they’ve never won there). I still can’t believe we gagged away a 20 point lead late in the game against Utah last year.

This is more than just the talent differential. It’s possible to now and then overcome that. Teams do it all the time. That’s what makes it interesting, and why they play the games. Because “on any given day . . .”