Bronco to Oregon State?

With Mike Riley going to Nebraska, Bronco might be a candidate for that job. Do you think he’d take it?

Not sure Oregon would want him.

Sorry, but what has he really accomplished in the last five years to be a “look at” coach?

I think if he is offered the OSU job and doesn’t take it or use it to renegotiate his current gig, he is too comfortable in Provo and that is not a good thing for our program going forward.

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From what I understand, the salary OSU is willing to play isn’t any better than what Bronco already makes at BYU. In addition, it’s always going to be the 2nd favorite school in Oregon as long as Knight keeps pumping money into OU. Corvalis is also a 2 and a half hour drive to the nearest airport, which is Portland.

OSU coach made $1.5m per year. And was the lowest in the PAC 12. You think Bronco makes more than $1.5m? He is just shy of $1m per year so even if they make him the lowest paid coach at $1.5, he would get a huge raise compared to what byu pays him.

Bronco already coaches the second favorite team in a state, why not move up the ladder of coaching at the top level is your goal? Pac12 coach at the school you attended, making 50% more salary. If he doesn’t consider it or use it to negotiate his current deal with byu, we have the wrong coach as he is too comfortable in provo. I want a coach who wants more, from himself and his players. Not someone content with just getting by.

I also remember Bronco saying one of the main draws for coming to BYU with Crowton was the fact that he could spend more time with his wife and kids. That was important to him.

Not sure Bronco wants to go back to the 7 day a week/14 hour days…

Plus I think the media in Oregon would be a lot more brutal toward him that the softball tossed here in Utah.

Exactly my point, he is too comfortable here. There is no motivation for him to work longer hours, cause he knows as long as he wins more than he loses and keeps the team out of the newspapers, he can relax.

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