Bryant not drafted into NBA

Now what for Bryant? Should have stayed for another year!

I believe he knew this before hand, I think his real deal is in Europe, Get paid really well, no taxes on his income, home and all the trimmings furnished… What a life.

Nonsense! He was talking about playing for the Lakers and Jazz. He will still try out somewhere but he would have been a much higher possibility next year playing with BYU.

The difference between you and me Scott, is that I say things like “I believe”, you think everything you believe is facts… which has proven more times than not…to be FALSE!

Just some quotes from Bryant "“I really wanted to feel out everything,” Bryant said. “After I talked to Coach for the last time, I kind of wanted to go with my gut feeling after praying and really thinking about it. I wanted to live with my decision, so that’s why I decided to do it.”

hmm… he prayed about it, talked to his coach about it… Sound like solid process to me.

Quote 2 “Elijah Bryant announced his plans to graduate from BYU and depart for a pro career, either in the NBA or abroad”… Hmm sounds like he knew he might not be drafted in the NBA and looks like he thought Europe might be path.

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I agree that Eli knew all along that he wouldn’t be drafted in the NBA. Remember that Eli has an injury history, he’s aging (23?), and he has graduated from BYU. Nothing left for him to do at BYU.

Grasshopper - I agree with Floyd that your “Nonsense!” comment came across as an attack on Floyd’s intelligence and/or comment.

Nonsense! :sunglasses:

But he didn’t ask me. That was a crucial mistake :yum:

Then again why ask a rock?

Signed for the summer league with Philly. On track for a G-League spot if he does well enough.