Burt leaving as a graduate transfer

Well, hopefully we have some unknown running backs ready for the Utah game. Just as he gets going at BYU he thinks he can do better somewhere else?

Yes, this one was a mystery. I thought he was given plenty of chances to shine and never really did anything special. Good luck to him. I think he was all everything in Utah in HS. We have a kid in our Stake who is a Freshman in HS and he’s all world here…in the terrible HS football state of Oregon. I think if he lived in SoCal, Fla, Texas, etc, he’d be just another guy.

He certainly would have a great chance to be the featured runner at BYU. Who’s going to take him in that could give him any time to show what he can do? He has to learn a whole new system. Only thing I can think of that he thinks his major for graduate school would be better served to go somewhere else.

Luke Staley was from Portland area was he? He was amazing player but so hard to see him get hurt. Who knows this kid in your stake might be that person. Yes I know he is not from SoCal, etc.

So who is the next guy for running back at BYU will be a mystery

Yes, Luke Staley was from Tualatin, which is about 20 miles from where I live in the Bethany area. This kid who is a Freshman is the real deal though he will probably be 5’10" 190 as a senior. He’s black (dad black, mom white) and is active LDS.

BYU has 8 running backs. They need 3 or 4 more. There’s one coming back off a mission that is suppose to be good. But, we need to find a good JC runner.

Burt finally gets his chance to shine and he looks all world. I have several questions

Why didn’t we see this end of year explosion in any of his previous games?

Was E Mich that bad on defense or was this Burt’s coming out party?

Was this just a fluke.

Where could Burt go that could offer any better fit then what BYU has to offer? He knows the system and he knows the plays. You’re just playing catch up anywhere else…makes no sense. Someone is giving Burt bad advice.

He’s looking for a team he can start on without competing. If he thinks he is going to play in the NFL, he’s going to learn what competition really is there!
I agree. If he’s not just thinking about his educational decisions then he should stay at BYU and compete for time on the field.