Bushman stays, Williams goes

It’s a good decision for Williams to try and go to the NFL. Good decision for Bushman too. Makes next year look even brighter.

And DT Tongan is staying for his senior year. Now if Kalani can allow him to get more qb sacks if BYU DC do away with his defensive scheme - dropping 8 with 3 at front (not 4 that Tonga doesn’t count 2 himself).

I think I said as much too. There are times for a 3-8 defense but we need to go back to something else.

I am Shocked to see Tonga stay. He is a first rounder. Bushman staying is also a mild shock as well. Either we have some super salesmanship going on with Sitake or these guys are hearing that they are not that high on the draft board. Very Excited to see both of them for one more year to say the least.

Glad to see them honor their commitments. We have great young men in our programs. They understand their scholarship commitments too. And know the value of their degrees they receive from BYU.
Also, maybe this is a signal that we won’t be playing a 3-8 defense next year so Tonga can actually show what he’s capable of. And, maybe Bushman realizes he wasn’t working very hard in practice and in the games to get open. At least I didn’t think he was.

It could be that Chad Lewis may have something to do with in telling Matt Bushman (son inlaw) that he still need to improve in something and finish college with a degree. Or Chad had connection that he was told that Matt won’t get picked in the draft. As for Tongan, he was being looked at (nfl scout) since sophomore year but he just never cross in his mind leaving early.
Yes it was a good news about both coming back.

Who is Tongan?

Ok, ok my typo. Khyiris Tonga - my bad