Butler, The Bahamas not good to BYU

13 TOs for BYU vs. 16 for Butler, BYU’s gonna win, right?

BYU-11 steals vs. 9 for Butler, Oh for sure gonna win

BYU out scored Butler 27-14 inside the arc, done deal, right?

BYU went 3-20 from 3land. Wa wa wah

Johnson and Robinson get a total of 6 points, game

And We could not let J. Taylor blow us up, he went for 20. Game Set Match.

On to our next loss.

Both games turnovers were much better in the 2nd half’s. But, 3 point shooting has to stop. More posting up and in the lane shots.

Unfortunately for the Cougars, guard Spencer Johnson absorbed a blow late in the game, preventing him from being on the floor during the crucial final moments.

“Spencer had a little health issue,” Pope said. “We’ll see what that turns out to be.”

I missed the last 5 minutes. Was it a hit in the head? Concussion?