BYU a sleeper team?

Check this out…

I am seeing BYU on a large number of “expert” brackets. Most show BYU beating Xavier. Some show BYU beating Baylor.

Collinsworth playing like the deer in the headlights…

and not happy with the officiating.

They are letting Miss. do whatever they want in the second half.

It’s all contributing to the poor play by BYU.

It has been a frustrating year on both FB & BB. Kyle C playing some bone head stuff which he is not like that. But FB4 on TO’s? You know what I didn’t see Worthington in the game, was he sick or got stuck at mtc?

Well, we had our ups and too many downers along with injuries. Going to be a long Spring and Summer. Praying for a lot of rain in Utah mountains, pretty dry here. Good night!

Worthington played briefly. Long enough to get a rebound and commit a foul.

What a depressing BYU men’s BB and FB year.

Ya, the refs had nothing to do with this loss. Turnovers did us in and coming out flat shooting.

Refs did nothing to contribute to bad passing and losing control of the ball. The Halford effect of just losing the ball without any contact. It’s catching with this team.

The utah valley recruiting like some of us have called lazy, got us in the end. We just don’t have the balance we once had in the program.

BYU a “sleeper team” is a very appropriate heading. Anyone who saw the second half last night surely saw what happens when a team goes to sleep at halftime. I agree with the fact that we are weak in some areas but that does not account totally for that second half lack of defense effort and lazy offensive play. It was so bad, particularly on defense, that no explanation really covers it.

I guess in the end I’m just glad I didn’t waste money traveling to the games this year. I came out ahead, and the loss wasn’t something that kept me up last night. Dialing down the fandom is the best thing I have done in a long time with byu. I enjoy the game much more.

Oh, and I’m off to get a massage today to ease the tension away. I recomend it for every fan out there.

We recruit from all over. Look where FB4 is from. It’s that not every 5 star athlete, Mormon included, wants to go to BYU (Jabari Parker).
Lazy passes and ball fumbling like what we saw in the second half last night had nothing to do with where they play their high school ball at.

The program is primarily made up of utah county talent, mingled with role players.

The former byu teams didn’t fall into the same lazy recruitng trap. But just wait till next year, right?

After that game last night, all I did was scratched my head and move on. I am looking forward to next season in both fb and bb but please they better be healthy all season long.

I’ll help you out, they won’t, there isn’t a team in either sport that stays healthy all season, it’s why recruiting is so valuable in both sports. And then from there how do you develop the talent you recruited. That’s the difference between very good teams and good teams.

You can’t say they had “nothing” to do with it.

I’m not saying it was the reason they lost, there were other, bigger reasons for BYU losing.

But there was plenty the officials did to influence things.

Lastly, BYU just does this kind of stuff come tournament time. It’s predictable…

This basketball team was not suppose to nor predicted to win 25 games including at Gonzaga. We saw Coach Rose mold a football player off his mission right into a basketball player than made great strides. Can’t wait until next year when he’s had the off-season to work on his game. KC wasn’t suppose to even play this year according to most after his injury. Yet, for all the time off, he ended up having a good year, don’t ya think? Austin was suppose to help in the post and would have defensively, injured. Winder progressed as the season moved forward and was doing great until his knee injuries. Halford stunk miserably at the onset. He became a good player and a great shooter too. His defense helped in many cases.

He tried to give Nixon, Toolsen and Worthington lots of opportunity to work and play in games. They simply weren’t ready. Andrus and Neilsen both improved in their play as well. Rose did a great job. 25 wins! How many teams can say that?

Next year, Kaufusi will be really good as a sophomore. Fisher will be very good too and understand the system better too. KC will have a mid-range game and be dominate. Emery will step in and take Haws spot and will surprise a lot of people with his shooting. FB4 will be much improved and he will have some back ups ready to play. If Austin gets another shot, he will help down low. But, we will have some other bigs that will do really well too. The following year, with Mika back and the other sharp shooters, including Haws brother, the future looks like we will be a top 20 team for years to come. I’m sure there will be others from around the globe that will start attending BYU and make us even better!

No need to listen to beer drinking apostle slamming Jack Mormons. For a team that was suppose to win maybe 18 games, we did really well and made it to the big dance. That with all the injuries too. And, with no center presence for most of the season until Kaufusi started to learn his position, which he did very well. The future looks really good when you see the 4 and 5 position getting really strong next year and the years after. That along with all the really great guards coming off their missions, wow!!! Blaine Fowler said it best that the next several years are going to be really fun and exciting to see BYU in the talk about being a top 20 team every year. Of course, Gonzaga is going to be getting better too, unfortunately.