BYU adds a strong Chinese G/F

RSL Academy Forward Hao Dong Commits to BYU Basketball - Vanquish The Foe

Dong is 6’5, new to the game, and as a walk on, he can learn the BYU way. Dong has all the tools to be good, he can drive, has a great step through, either hand. Good mid range, hits threes and can play above the rim. Don’t know about his passing? Just needs time and experience. Watch his highlights.

“According to his coach Shane Hayden, RSL played a top JUCO team from Western Wyoming where he scored 25 points in a narrow loss.”

Well that certainly has me convinced. I love these posts Chris because they always get the hype train started and the links are chock full of comments like this one. A top JUCO from Western Wyoming? Well that solidifies his skillset and how he will turn BYU around, particularly as a walk on. Had it been against a top JUCO team from eastern Wyoming (does anyone even live there?) or any place else, I wouldn’t have blinked an eye, but the fact that it was against a top JUCO team from WESTRN WYOMING… I mean wow, that’s just seals the deal! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

hence, a walk on, not wasting a schooly on him. He is a project that has not played a lot of years. a lot of upside or maybe just a scout team player

I understand. I just thought the comment that he scored 25 “against a top JUCO from Western Wyoming” was funny.

But hey, my kid loved serving his mission to the Dominican Republic in Western Wyoming for several months. He was a victim of the Covid mission experience. He loved it there in Wyoming and the people were really good to him. He even helped convert a few people.

nice, Wy people are great, no nonsense. Wised up to Cheney

Yes they did.

hahaha, I took another look at this kid. His skill set is solid. He has a killer crossover that gets him past any guard and is as good with either hand at the rim. Don’t know about his defense but his O is D1 all day. He has a Richie Saunders motor, great get