BYU and mental preparation

Once again, three national championship opportunities and all three showed mental preparation. Very similar to our basketball and football teams. Something has to be said to our coaches. Because, the “maturity level” because of missions doesn’t help BYU.
Also, I’d like to take the time to also mention that just because a team (Ohio State) doesn’t play against great competition doesn’t mean they are not that good. And it’s not that they are darlings of their league either as some say the same about our league and you know who. Mental preparation and toughness comes from the coach. Apparently we haven’t had that lately. It’s not about some conspiracy.

As I responded to you in the other section, an expensive, top notch, professional sports psychologist needs to be hired by BYU. It is inexcusable to see so many collapses in key games. Maybe Scott Sterling😂.

1st year coach in volleyball. I know he coached the girls but guys are just different and I saw some strange things. Patch wasn’t playing well. But, you can’t take him out for that long either. We got there with him. The subs weren’t going to do anything.
I knew Patch was good. But he needed a year under his belt. I hope this helps put things in Patch’s and Sander’s perspective that they need to play through their senior years before going pro. And Patch needs to get more serious about school.

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Deer in the headlights…

Nothing really more to say than that.

It has been a problem for BYU since the beginning of time. Whenever there is something important on the line and the pressure ramps up, the Cougars fold up like an accordian…

I know I have made comments in the past about BYU needing to hire a sports psychologist and I was as serious then as I am now. Our teams need the extra edge that comes when you have the confidence and mental strength to win important sports contests. They should not have lost to Ohio State and certainly should not have been swept. That is ALL a result of lack of mental preparation. They were the better team and they wilted under pressure. Sad…

The same thing happened 3 years ago against UC Irvine. I blame it, in large part, on the bubble effect. There is something in the water in Provo…

As for Ohio not being that good of a team… of course they are a good team but what I said about the competition they played is true. It wasn’t as good as the competition from the MPSF. This is a true statement. As for conspiracies… interference calls, lifts, etc. that went OSU’s way helped them tremendously. Is it the reason they won? No, but it was certainly a big help to them. I thought the overall officiating in the championship was weak.

You just had to put the same thing down on paper again to make sure you understood what you wrote before :wink: