BYU and the WCC

BYU’s season boils down to winning at SMC.

Long before BYU arrived on the WCC scene Gonzaga has owned this league and continue to do so as long as Coach Few is at the helm. Saint Marys was a solid second until BYU joined the fray. The NCAA has awarded 2 Dance cards to the WCC for about 10 years now so the #2 seed in the WCC is the prize.

The key is Waldo
BYU has had the upper hand since Delevadova moved on to the NBA (he has fit in quite nicely with the LeBron Cavaliers) but SMC is still very dangerous as they are lead by Big Senior Waldo. At 6’9 and 260, Waldo is far and away the best Center in the WCC. In the past Waldo would dominate until he got tired and that was the story. This year he is fit and his numbers are better in every category.

SMC is also lead by Senior guard, Kerry Carter, the guy is down right dangerous from the 3 where he averages almost 50% from outside.

The dark horse is Emmett Naar,
Another product from down under, Naar as a freshman leads the team in assists and is steadily improving his long range bombs.

BYU is lousy at covering 3s and the primary reason why we have lost to WCC teams in the past but this SMC team especially at SMC will determine where BYU lands in the post season.

Beating SMC is a given. I was pleased today that we did present better defense against the 3 shot. Hopefully, we get better at that too. We just need to keep scoring and that is how we win the games.