BYU at home vs. UCF

This BYU team has left 3 games on the table that really are head scratchers:
Losing our 1st game in Big 12 play to Cinn.
The loss to OU
Losing a 16 point lead to a K St that had not business even being in close game.
Coming up is a 4 game stretch that has BYU favored so this UCF game is critical

Why BYU beats UCF at home on Tuesday night:

1 both Khalifa and Foos are getting healthy again. Both players are big time threats vs. Big 12 teams. No center has been able to stop Foos inside and Khalifa just shreds defenses with his passing skills.

2 7’ Dailio for UCF has a knee injury, Foos should have a 20 point night, mark it down.

3 Just gotta keep our eyes on guards Seliers and johnson.

4 Get the rest of the BYU team healthy after this flu bug. Saunders was the latest victim and his stats show it in the past 2 games.

5 Stewart gave us great minutes and please kill the Robinson PG experiment,

6 I will say BYU hits 80, can’t keep bricking all our FTs and 3s, right?

#7. Way too many missed open layups and floaters. Lost another 10-12 points. In the OK game, lost 20-30 points.

That would be #6

I have a good notion that BYU will beat UCF but after last night I cannot say with any degree of surety that they will. I don’t watch a lot of other teams consistently but I don’t know if I’ve seen a team that can play so well and look so confident for most of a game and then nearly have a complete melt down at the most critical part of the game, finishing the win.

It’s become so common that not only do I expect it, the players seem to want to make it happen, for whatever reason. Let’s see if they can get a lead vs. UCF and then close it out strong.

Just had to be argumentative narcissistic :rofl:
Just kidding. Shooting the ball has been a challenge. Especially the easy ones.Its like they are surprised they are so open that they are looking for sometime come out of nowhere to swat their shot away.

A big question for UCF entering Tuesday’s game is the status of the Big 12’s top shot blocker, Ibrahima Diallo. Diallo missed the Tech game due to a knee injury.

In the first meeting against BYU, Diallo had 11 points, 19 rebounds, and two blocks. per KSL

I have Diallo not traveling to Provo. 19 rebs…yikies

In our 1st game @UCF
Sellers and Johnson will super agressive. getting 13 and 18 points. Diallo had 19 rebs. 9 offensive boards (wowza) and several bocks and altered shots. If he can’t go, UCF will be severely challenged inside.
If falls on Sellers, Johnson and Walker to score. They won’t keep up unless BYU completely bricks everything, It is time for BYU to have a big 3 point scoring night, feels like ages since we “went off”

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It fels like ages since they closed out a game and played with 100 percent effort for 30 minutes. I don’t understand playing hard for spurts and giving maximum effort for most of the game and then rolling over at the end, not playing defense, turning the ball over, missing open shots, etc.

What is wrong with this team? I realize that every Big 12 game is a dog fight but when you are in control of the game there is no reason to take the foot off the gas or to set it on cruise control and allow your opponent to do whatever they want. Keep playing hard and give maximum effort for the entire game.

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Outside of that 1:30 run of 0-12, I thought BYU played well but that meltdown was epic.

Daillo showed up and Foos was shut down inside. UCF is fast and long. They get to balls.

They are getting too comfortable with epic meltdowns. Play hard for 40 minutes!