BYU at Texas, Scouting Report

I quit trying to figure out BYU in the Big 12. This is such a quirky conference to play in. TCU beats BYU 44-whatever then loses to KSU 41-3. But this big news is Texas roars out to a 21 nothing lead on Houston. Tx QB is injured and Houston comes back to tie the game in the 2nd half and should of won that game. Final Tx 34-21 Houston

So This was going to be a blow out game for Texas on paper but with injury to the starting QB and the 2nd QB playing so poorly in the Houston game…who knows. Then you have a similar scenario with TCU losing their 5th year senior and the Freshman, Hoover throw for a million yards on BYU and then gets destroyed vs. KSU, so who knows, right?
Josh Hoover - TCU Horned Frogs Quarterback - ESPN

BYU expected to face a backup again after Texas QB Quinn Ewers’ injury - Deseret News
If TX QB, Maalik struggles throwing the ball, you could see the highest rated QB in the nation, Arch Manning, yes, the legendary DNA nephew or Payton and Eli Manning play, would that be something???

On the BYU side, Aiden Robbins is back with this 240 lb bruising frame and the ability to get 3rd and shorts in our last game. That could be a big factor moving forward in the season.

We also don’t know how dinged up our other RB, LJ Martin is. Will he be able to go as I think is have been by far our best running back.

Go cougs.

TCU vs BYU felt personal to me, they did not allow the fans to by tickets? what is up with that?

They not beat BYU but in my opinion tried to embarrass them. Not sure why the angst, but it seems to be there,

K-State is a good team, I think…
But your right about the big 12, who would of thought that Baylor would be this bad? or Kansa that good? Texas and Oklahoma are about right.

I think there is going to be some mighty big bumps in the road for BYU as they go on in the BIG12. Not sure the fans will have patience with Arod though.

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on my way homw from guiding hunters, stopped by and watched the last qtr with Les Hamilton. Former coach at Bingham (Utah Powerhouse), now the Athletic Dir. for Uintah High in Vernal Utah…
I complained about AROD. He says, “You do know that AROD and Utah’s Andy Lugwig are one and the Same… They coached many years together and run the same offense”

Food for Thought.

Agree about the TCU game being personal–but shame on Kalani, ARod, and Hill for simply not being prepared. At all. It was like we had no idea what to do or what they would do, and never adjusted.

This is a fun league. The new guys are all trying hard and getting some close calls but getting beat down. The 3 other teams all have the same depth problems that BYU has and it shows in the standings. I see 5 losses coming up but predict we either luck into one win, or our offense shows up big one time and we get that bowl eligibility.

ARod just confuses me. I’ll go to my grave saying that Rex and Roberts are the two best pro prospects on our offense after Suamataia, and both make GREAT plays when given the opportunity, but NEITHER is a focal point of our offense. That is just totally, completely, mysteriously confusing to me.

NOT, again, not saying it is true - because I do not have one iota of info about what goes on in the locker room of the FB team.

But it seems like, to a hefty degree, BYU is deliberately shooting itself in both feet during much of the FB games. It is enough to turn an insane man, sane.

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BYU appears to be lost throughout the games they play. There are always wasted time outs, confusing play calling, no flow to the offense at all, etc.

BYU is a hard team to get behind and root for. It has always been that way.

I have no problem rooting for BYU. In the 1st half, we had some good series where the offense flowed just fine. Second half we played to not lose again. Sounds familiar like an NFL team…:face_with_monocle: