BYU Baseball Comments

Why not discuss BYU baseball? There was no mention of Friday’s BYU vs. USF baseball game in Get with it.

tell us all about it

SFGiants not doing too good

Littlewood’s boy’s beat Santa Clara 8 to 5 in extra innings on Thursday. Spencer Linton was right about if the Cougars get 8 runs they win and they did. BYU got screwed by the rec league administration being forced to play a home game rain out on the road AT St. Mary’s on next Monday. Hopefully the Cougars will win all three at Santa Clara and then make into into the WCC playoffs. Mike Littlewood is the most professional of BYU coaches and is a true winner.

WELL, the Cougar baseball players got into the WCC tourney and went 0 for 4. Disappointing. Now its Dead Season talk and football I guess.