BYU Basketball: Rose faces big roster turnover - 22 Apr


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I’m going to predict right now that BYU will not be as successful in the 2015-16 season as they were this past season. Losing Bartley and telling Nielson to look elsewhere are big mistakes.

Not sure what the plan is nor what Rose and his coaching staff are thinking but I don’t see it as an improvement for next season.

Anybody care to explain how it will be better?

Rose told Neilson to leave and took away his scholarship.

A good question about Bartley is whether he decided to leave BYU on his own or if Rose told him to leave like he did with Neilson. Where was Rose and the coaching staff in the second half of the Mississippi game in the NCAA play in? Was Rose asleep at the switch or did he not know what to do?
BYU appeared to not make any adjustments in the second half of the Mississippi game. Yet they played well in thesecond half of the season using assorted bigs and Bartley to win many games down the WCC stretch. What goes with Rose and his coaches?

We’ve postulated several times regarding what the problem is with BYU and their inability to make any halftime or in-game adjustments.

Some of their losses this season were bizarre and frankly inexcusable. The Mississippi game was a joke but not as bad as the two losses to Pepperdine, particularly the one on the road.

Telling Nielsen to leave just shows more inexcusable bad decision making. I don’t understand a lot of what goes on there…

I am a little mixed on this one, meaning the transfers. I don’t have all of the facts. As for next year, the team will be better, especially at defense. Probably about 7 points a game better. Rebounding will be much better. I see about 10 rebounds a game better. Turnovers will also be better. That was a weak point for Bartley. At times he was a head scratcher for me. Offensively they will still be around 80 points a game. That tournament game, that one is on the coach. They came out playing not to loose. It is also on the point guard. Russia did a lousy job running the team in the second half. Frankley I see Russia going swing and BYU having a real point guard next year. Especially if Kyle improves on his short range game and his quickness. He has questionable ball handling skills. Some of his passes drove me nuts. Definately a better team.