BYU best 1 - 6 team in the country

I just thought a positive thought would be helpful

Are you sure SG?Is BYU the best 1 and 6 team? I guess we shall see next next Saturday against East Carolina. I hope that you are right. BB

**BYU Football No place to go but UP!

I also wanted to include a positive thought to the boards…

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BYU Campus,

Once you are down as far as you can get, there is no place you can go except up, unless of course, you are not able to get up.

College football has become the minor leagues for NFL. There is so much more money in football now than ever before.
I remember that for Decades, Level Edwards got around $80,000. per year, while any hall of fame coach of today, probably would not be satisfied with $8,000,000.00 per year.

4 -5 star athletes want to join a team in a conference that will most likely get them into the NFL where they can eventually eary 10-15 million per year.

It is getting now, so that if you can not compete in a P5 conference, you are considered non relevant, not needed to be watched. It becomes more and more like this each year that passes.

If BYU does not prepare to get into the P5 conference and be ready to play the big boys by the year 2024 when the new TV contracts are made and the new P5 expansions begins, than BYU may forever more be on the outside looking in and asking themselves why they did not make the sacrifice, the compromises, the effort to make themselves ready for when the opportunity arises.

This 2017 season may have been a blessing to us in disguise, opening our eyes, to let us know, that with or without honor code acceptance, with or without the missionary program, with or with out the political bias, with or with out any and all forms of prejudice, and with or without legislation giving up more opportunity, the truth is, we are not ready to play with the big boys yet and we never will be until somebody much smarter than I am, is able to figure out a way to get more, much, much, much more 4-5 star players for us so that we can compete successfully vs. teams full of 4-5 star players.
Somebody in the Church and/or Church owned school, must be smart enough to figure out what must be done and than do it. It they need a think tank to help, than hire that think tank but get it done.


I really like your reply. You have put some serious thought into it and what I like best is your optimistic enthusiasm for a team on the rocks. You are correct that this season can serve as a reality check that changes the course of BYU football forever. Individuals much smarter than we mere fans, who are in positions to make these far-reaching decisions need to decide the following:

  1. What efforts, expense and sacrifices are necessary to bring BYU football up to the standard currently acceptable at the P5 conference level and more importantly, is BYU and it’s Board of Trustees willing to make that effort, pay those expenses and make those sacrifices to do so?
  2. If that is not the direction that those individuals choose to pursue, then help make possible for BYU to lead out in providing a standard of college football to which G5 conferences could agree to and raise their level of play to match.
  3. If those individuals do want to pursue a course that could lead to membership in a P5 conference, then those changes that need to be made must happen within the next 5 or 6 years, or the opportunity will pass us by and not likely to return.
    I believe the gap will continue to widen between these two “levels” of college football and failure to make a decision is a decision itself and one that could lead to regrets for opportunities forever lost.

Wow, P-5 football is the holy grail. Perhaps BYU and about 80 to hundred other schools is not a place for P-5 “Professional” football is to be played. Is being a G-5 team a “failure?”


I am a bit more realistic than Ron on where BYU is headed and while I admire his optimism, I believe we should focus on the option of being the leader of an organized G5 conference association. Let’s keep college football fun for both fans and players. Big money and back room deals have caused this two tiered system that exists today. I don’t think BYU will ever be given a seat at the “big boys” table, and no, I don’t believe being a G5 team is a failure by any definition of the word.

Do you think every team in a P5 conference is a “Big Boys” team? We have one really bad year and all of a sudden we are now “Little Boys?”
Step back and take a deep breath!

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AMEN BROTHER. hI ho, hi ho, its back to G-5 we go…OR
keep trying but lessen the schedule and balance it out a bit.

I don’t believe those talk about “Big Boys.” Non sense talk. Were we Big Boys when we won the 1984 NC? Of course not and we did beat this Big Name Michigan which was fun.

It depends on what you find fun and worthwhile. That’s individual really. Personally, I’m more a fan of trying to do something special than winning individual games. In other words, I’d rather take a shot at beating great teams and going 13-0 than scheduling lesser teams and consistently winning 10 games a season but never really doing something big enough for a special season. That’s just personal preference because I’m more a fan of smart football than just winning. I can enjoy a loss or even a losing season so long as we played our cards right and gave ourselves the best chance at winning big.

For example, if we lost to Wisconsin just because they’re better than us, that’s fine…as long as we played our cards the best we could, which we didn’t.

We can beat these teams if we are smarter as well as more disciplined.

It’s personal preference. I don’t need wins, I need smarter play.

Good post. I like your ideas.

The “Big Boys” comment was a sarcastic slam against how the P5 conferences view themselves, but I do not believe BYU will ever be invited to join them. I liketh idea of “stepping back and taking a deep breath”, but I also believe Lawless Republic’s Nathan Cunningham when he wrote, "you have to do something. The “give it time argument” only works so long as you’re not absolutely terrible. The longer you’re awful, the quicker you burn up your time. Thoughts?

My point was P5 conferences have mostly average to poor teams in them.

I agree, but I don’t see any change in the status quo.


I have not seen your posting lately. I miss it. You write intelligent post that suggest important possibilities to improve our BYU Cougar Football Program. Don’t stop your positive positing until the job is done.

Little by little, on a much smaller scale, too small to be truly successful, but at least a start in the right direction to right the otherwise sinking ship. I do see some tiny changes that seems Hugh in the eyes of those making the changes.

I see that purse strings has been loosened enough to get Grimes, (LSU line coach), to come to BYU without any OC experience, to become our new OC. )

Too bad the purse strings were not opened enough to get Grimes to come as our BYU Line Coach, and invest even more money to get Andy Reid to come as our HC and make Sataki our DC.

With those changes, perhaps Ty Detmer as our OC and QB coach is the best we could get having the correct support staff at the correct positions and some key QB’s and Receivers that can make Detmer’s pro style coaching work.

I love Ben Cahoon and the plays he made while being a WR for BYU and in the Canadian League.
He has not been able to transfer that greatness to the receivers which he coaches. Pehaps we are asking too much of him. Perhaps, we do not have the athletes capable of doing what he tries to teach. Maybe we are trying to make sweet orange juice out of lemons.