BYU dancing news

No BYU is not dancing, not by a long shot but 2 teams they beat are helping out.
Utah’s road wins over OU and OSU.
Nation’s best winless team is winless no more; congrats to Texas Southern (1-13) on its 78-66 home win over Southern in the Tigers’ SWAC opener. By the way, TSo is favored to win the SWAC

keep it going.

NIT…I love the NIT…my mantra for the year.
So I agree BYU not going to the big one.

I’m not so sure about the long shot nature…if they had two more games against tournament teams and actually won one…I think they are that close…but the horrific schedule and the fact that both SMC and Gonzaga are having down years deflating the value of any top WCC win, (if the Cougs can actually pull one out), means that a BYU win actually hurts the chances of SMC or Gonzaga going to the big tournament. Which in turn hurts the chances that BYU will get an invite…Catch-22 created by bad scheduling