BYU defeats NI and plays well

More evidence BYU is playing great team ball. I still don’t understand why Kaufusi isn’t playing. Is he hurt? Another guy who ends up at Utah Valley or Virginia. Austin got a couple of baskets but only 3 rebounds. KC has to be the center grabbing 16 boards.
Shooting percentage has really increased. 51%. 3 point shooting 46% and FT shooting at 91%!!!
Fischer 50% on 14 shots. Doing what Rose wants of him. An obvious rotation of 8. I hope Rose gets Kaufusi back into the rotation.
Too many turnovers still.

BYU is #77 in the RPI with losses against two teams which will probably end the season with RPIs over 100. They have beaten no one with a RPI below 50. Their non-conference record is not worthy of an NCAA bid and barely on the bubble for an NIT bid. The fact that they put together two straight wins against teams with winning records does not equal great team ball. They have a long ways to go.
I think Kaufusi is being limited by the injury from preseason.

Let’s hope so.
I’m still happy that shooting percentage is up and especially FT shooting. The season is about ready to start and I’d like to see the turnovers go down. I think if they continue to win and take 1st or 2nd for the regular season NCAA still is going to happen.

They played much better within the offense today. I suspect the Kaufusi thing has to do with free throw shooting. Rose just plain told the team, if you can’t make free throws, your playing time is restricted. He also jumps out of a tree every time there is a fake and that leads to poor defense and lots of fouls. If they are going to do well in conference they need to shoot 70% freethrows and the turnovers have to be around 10 per game. They need more inside out and more assists.
Defense was fairly good today. It was improved in this game. Rebounding was decent. NIU is a good team and has two top five wins this year. This was a good win. They finished today and were fairly consistent. No big lapses

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There isn’t much inside out with Austin. He’s not an inside threat. Kaufusi is trying to learn the game. He needs time on the floor. Not Austin. Austin hasn’t shot free throws well either.

Exactly… by far Fischer’s best overall game this season and that includes the 41 pointer two days ago. Hopefully now he will recognize that he can be a TEAM player and still get his 20 pts. It was nice to see him passing well, taking the ball to the basket, not leaving his feet (too much…) on defense and shooting in the flow of the offense instead of forcing things.

This was by far their best TEAM effort this season. Too bad it took them 13 games to get there but nice to see as they get ready to start league play.

So now you think Kaufusi is going to UVU or Virginia? Why Virginia? are you confused about the sport here? and you want KC playing center now? Wow… you are all over the place.

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Right on jeffyds… I thought it was the teams most complete game and I hope they recognize how well things go when they are playing team basketball and not worrying about their individual stats and accomplishments. Collinsworth was 4 assists away from another TD but Rose and the team weren’t worried about it.

This is the result you get when you play solid, team basketball. Hopefully Fischer and KC recognize that this is the result when you have 5 guys in double figures and you share the rock.

While I’m not ready to say that BYU is playing “great team ball” I think it is okay to acknowledge that the win today was perhaps their best team effort of the season. They still have a ways to go if they want to make the ncaa tournament, but this was a big step in the right direction. I am waiting to see if both KC and CF will recognize how well it went and want to mimic this effort and game strategy. If they do and are willing to take something from today and keep it going I think things are looking up. Of course it was only 3 days ago that they played a very poor, overall team game.

That was actually a pretty good team they beat today, start to finish.

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I would take the other game and win by 30. Duh… I believe Fischer shot above 50% in that game and had more assists and rebounds.

That is an uninformed comment that the game is a more team played game because they weren’t focusing on KC getting a triple double. The two games this year you are referring about we were comfortably in the lead to go for it. Today, they were not. The game for to within 6 in the last minute. That’s why they were focused on team play and winning.

They already know and have been playing as a team. Your false narrative is based on thinking you know their heart and minds. You don’t. And what happened to your rants about not giving other players time on the floor? Only 8 saw the floor today. Oh, that now doesn’t fit your false narrative anymore :slight_smile: