BYU downs UCLA for league tournament title

Wiggly fingers didn’t affect our serving. BYU played great to beat UCLA. They may meet one more time. Let’s hope BYU keeps focus and wins a national championship!

I am assuming you noticed which side they were serving from. I assume you also noticed that there were not as many numbskulls waving the fingers either. Perhaps the message is starting to get through to those kids. So tell me, next time you attend a basketball game, are you going to jump and yell and scream when your home team is shooting free throws. It should not matter, isn’t it the same thing?

Are you really this dense? The kids behind, and I do mean behind, are making no noise to disturb our players. It is physically impossible to see or perceive more than 90 degrees left or right from the line of sight directly ahead of the server where he is looking. It’s not a distraction.

I played High School Volleyball and even though I know we didn’t have as many distratctions as the BYU team since few people attended our games, I don’t believe people making noise and waving should bother an almost professional volleyball player.

Finally someone who has some sanity about themselves. I can’t believe someone thinks wiggly fingers behind them is a distraction. Not anymore than yelling and screaming at opposing servers is. That’s something athletes get over real fast or they shouldn’t be on the court.

Alright, this is a direct question for you. Have you ever played volleyball at a high level? Your answer is obviously no, because you have no idea how hard it is to master that over hand serve. You refuse to answer or address my question. Have you played. I trust your opinion on basketball and several other sports, but you are out of your league on this one. Lets just agree to disagree, but you are wrong. Love you!

I played with coach Carl McGown in the late 70s. From there I just played church ball for several years in the 80s along with softball and basketball. Distractions never bothered me.
I also was in martial arts where distractions can get you seriously hurt if you can’t forget about them while participating in your activity. No, wiggly fingers don’t bother anyone. This is so funny :wink:

Jeff, did you know that Scott has Tunnel Vision. No wonder he never got distracted or could be something different about in his head.

Yeah wiggly finger doesn’t bother me which I do have tunnel vision.

It’s called focus. I don’t get distracted by conspiracies and rediculous reasons for making service mistakes, missing free throws or dropping passes. Next he will be complaining the cheerleaders are too pretty and distracting.

Thanks for your answer. Nice! Next question. Why have they served better at home on the opposite side of the court from those kids. If your premise is correct. Statistics don’t lie. There is a problem, tell me what it is.

Really, My back ground is military. I have been to war twice. Guess what happens if you don’t pay attention there. This is just a game, but I do care about it. I have been an analyist for a long time so I always find myself trying to answer the question, Why. In a way, we are a lot alike.

Then I assume you can understand that you would not be aware of wiggly fingers in war. Competitors like our team is would not be distracted by wiggly fingers any more than if the other team asked if they breathe in or out when they strike the ball. That works on less competitive players and noviced persons. (Funny to see when it works in bowling).

Fred Flintstone does his Wiggly Toes in bowling and he’s good at it. It works with magic toes! :wink:
Anyway, any idea someone going to be at Penn State doing the Wiggly Fingers in the Finals :smile:

Didn’t see wiggly fingers but I did see an idiot fan with a wiggly Pom Pom. It cost the game.